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Hey everyone...I had my sleeve back in October 2016. My starting weight was 278 and within 2 years I went down to 152lbs. I was sooo proud of myself, worked out everyday, ate great, etc. Since then I had a baby in October 2019 and I know I've gained weight to where I'm at least 200lbs. I'm so nervous to get on the scale because I don't want to see that number...can anyone relate??

Today (10/26) I started the pouch reset. Has anyone done this before? Has it worked for you? It's already so hard for me. I've only had a Protein Shake and I have my 64oz bottle of Water and I brought a couple popsicles (sugar free) for my lunch today. I'm already "dying" haha.

Thanks for any insight or experiences you can tell me about! I'm hoping to get back to 160lbs again. I'll be 40 in November so I know I'll have to work my butt off!!

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Welcome to the forums.

I can relate to having a baby. Well, no, not really, since I'm a guy and it's different for guys than gals. I can explain it if you like, I have a presentation with charts and graphs. Really, it's quite educational and entertaining.

This actually reminds me when I had my Tummy Tuck when they removed 10 pounds of flesh. My parents gave me celebratory balloons that were attached to my wheel chair on the way out: "It's a boy!" I got some interesting looks that day. See, I come by my warped sense of humor honestly. Really, it's quite interesting. I have a presentation with charts and graphs.

Back to topic.

I'm not a fan of extreme diets like the pouch reset. Personally, I had my surgery so I would never have to diet again. 'Diets' are not sustainable. 'Diets' end. Folks think that just because they reached goal that they can return to eating 'normally.' You know, the normal that got us where we were pre-op.

I advocate just returning to your post-op plan. You know, the plan that worked for you. The plan that was supposed to be for the rest of our lives. Yeah, that plan. When you had your WLS you committed to a life-long change. So, get back to that commitment.

It will take time as all healthy plans do. Do it consistently. When you return to your desired weight (aka 'goal') just adjust your plan to maintain, then do it consistently.

You've done it before, you can do it again, but this time just keep doing it.

Good luck,


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