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1 minute ago, Cmclemo9266 said:

What to do for these sugar cravings?! 🤯

The Jello Sugar Free Chocolate and vanilla swirl Snacks have been a life safe saver for my sweet cravings.

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i bought some sugar free candy to have for those cravings where they won't go away.

sometimes a Protein Shake will help -- or some zero sugar Vitamin water.. depending on my craving.

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Welcome to the forums.

What surgery did you have or are considering? It does change the answers.

Sleeve folks can get away with some real sugar, while RNY would not do well.

I loved SF Popsicles,

While I could put sweets away pre-op, not much desire post-op, but that could be explained by dumping episodes I don't recall.

When you say craving sugar, surely it's more specific forms of sugar? That can help us give further options.

Be careful of SF candies as many use sorbitol, which in any volume, is a laxitive.

Good Luck,


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Killing the sugar craving is hard. My mother is crazy for sweet. As a child she risked being bitten by a snake to grab a bag of lollies her mother had hidden on top of an old cabinet. That’s an addiction.😁

Some people can’t tolerate sugar after surgery and dump. I can, but have killed most of my desire for it & now find lots of things too sweet. I went pretty cold turkey. Ate food I made myself. No treats. No Snacks. No dessert foods. That worked for me but I didn’t have really strong cravings - just missed specific treats.

I looked for naturally sweet alternatives like fruit (just watch the serving sizes). Or even something with texture or a little salty when the cravings hit. I found freeze dried mangoes at my green grocer - yummy, crunchy & sweetish. Blue berries are fantastic. Melons are great too plus their high Water content is a bonus. Now I also make a plain chia pudding & add vanilla extract which makes it a little sweeter.

Read labels carefully. Watch the ones with no added or low sugar as they likely use artificial sweeteners instead & they still feed your craving.

Good luck.

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