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One year in....good news!

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I’m basically at my goal weight.

1. I haven’t been under 200lbs since 1993.
2. food cravings and mood swings the first 60 days are miserable!
3. The pain the first 30 days was morphine in pill form hydromorphine. I lived on it.
4. Drink something before 30 mins after eating a year later and I still get massive pain cramps.
5. Most of my sugar cravings have disappeared.
6. I dreamt about food for 6 months. Lol.
7. I used to have friends who would go to dinner with me and have 4 drinks before my 30 minutes are up. I’m not friends with them anymore.

My biggest complaint is why can’t people enjoy one alcoholic drink over 25 minutes while I’m waiting to have my first drink? Jesus, you’d think I’m asking Moses to part the Red Sea? Everyone slugs like 4 drinks down and by the time I hit my first drink they are ready to leave. It’s frustrating as hell. Everyone is like that.

Bottom line, I love my new body. The fact I barely eat anything and that I sleep so much better now. My quality of life. Is. Awesome.

The social drinking is the only thing different. I went vegas in February and had a blast! My wife didn’t drink at meals but waited until afterwards at clubs and we both drank great.

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Congratulations! That is a great BMI. I'm curious about what exercise you have found enjoyable, and whether you have a "go to" meal or snack that helps keep you on track.

The 30 minutes after eating is hard. I have only had alcohol a couple of times (I am only 7 months out), and I find I can't tolerate beer, or vodka with seltzer. The bubbles I guess, but I did enjoy a nice glass of Prosecco the other day! We have not been able to go out to dinner really since my surgery (Covid) and instead are either sitting in other people's yards, or they're in mine, so we are usually chatting and I'm picking up during that 1/2 hour, so that helps.

4 drinks in a half hour is some serious speed drinking!

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first, alcohol is a lot of empty calories. Second, they want to try to avoid transfer addiction. Unfortunately, developing alcoholism after WLS is supposedly not that rare.

that said, most surgeons do allow occasional social drinking (like one drink!) after a certain amount of time. I had to wait a year. Now I probably have three glasses of wine a year - and it hits me FAST!

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i agree drinking is a pain in the ass - i drink also but heck like 1 to 8 on my buddys

Feels good doesn't it plus much more fun in the bedroom is what amazes me

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