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Hi Everyone,

I was here years ago, after I had lap band surgery which was a total waste of time. Had that redone a year after on the advice of my surgeon. Still didn't lose any weight and gave up for years. Recently had a revision to sleeve done with a different surgeon, they took out the band, waited 3 months and then did the sleeve 9/9. What interested me in the sleeve was the reduction of ghrelin. Not being hungry.

Well I've been hungry since it was done. I'm following all the protocols but am really worried. Doctor said I can do the purees early, started that today. Can sense a tiny difference because I ate something warm - a little better than broth but not enough. I can drink as much as I want, and am able to eat a Protein Shake with 2 full scoops of Protein with soy milk. Has anyone had a delayed start when noticing they were no longer hungry? I know the goal is real food and am looking forward to that but I don't understand why I am so hungry, and freezing - I'm so cold all the time! If anyone is going to write anything about head hunger please save it. I know the difference. I'm down 7 lbs, including what I lost before surgery, doesn't seem a lot given the liquid diet.

I want this to work very badly, enough to have done 4 laparoscopic surgeries to be here. Thyroid and general health are good. I would be sincerely grateful for helpful advice, Thanks

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Being freezing is a common side effect. I have no advice about the hunger except talking to your dietician. Mine went away a bit and then came back in the first year. Good luck!

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