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Meal plan for 1 year post op

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Motivation needed! I am almost one year post op (gastric bypass) and I have stalled. I have gotten sloppy with my eating habits and I'm looking for any advice or motivation you can offer. Looking for ideas for a meal plan to get back on track. Thanks y'all and I hope everyone is well! :)

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Congrats on the 70lb weight loss!!! My first thought would be to do whatever you did to lose those 70lbs! You've done it before, and you can do it again!

Cut out whatever foods you are getting "sloppy" with and get back to basics - high Protein will will up that pouch.

As for meal ideas - I admit that my meals may seem boring, but they are satisfying! I do 3 meals a day, and sometimes add in 1 snack as well.

Breakfast - Greek Yogurt or Eggwhites w/ jimmy dean sausage crumbles and 1/2 slice american cheese or Toasted zero carb bread with cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning or fairlife Protein Shake

lunch - half Turkey sandwich (on zero carb bread or low carb tortilla) or greek yogurt or protein shake or leftovers from last night's dinner

Dinner - chaffle pizza or buffalo shrimp or 1/2 of a lean cuisine or bunless veggie or turkey burger or ahi tuna

Snack - (pretty much anything 100 cals or less) - greek yogurt or SF popsicle or slice zero carb bread or 1/2 tortilla w/ smidgen of PB or 100 cal choc pretzel pack or raw veggies w/ cream cheese or ranch

Hope you got at least 1 good idea out of this list. You can DO this!!

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Thank you for giving me your meal plan idea! I'm going to try this...it all sounds yummy and you have inspired me! Congratulations on your 97 lbs weight loss! :) Your menu will definitely get me back on the wagon. thanks again!

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