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I've been researching plastic surgery for several weeks. I've built a list of surgeons that I'm interested in (Sauceda, Cardenas, Galvez, Katzen, Michaels, Agha, Capella), but I'm still looking around. One of the big problems I'm running into is a lack of male before and after photos from all surgeons. From what I gather, roughly 95% of skin removal surgeries are for women. I guess a lot of the guys don't care as much about their loose skin, but THIS guy does. A lot of women have INCREDIBLE results, but obviously I want my body to have a masculine shape. The photos of men are much harder to find and I've seen far fewer amazing male results.

Are there any surgeons that specialize in reconstruction after massive weight loss that have a reputation of doing incredible work on male patients? I think I'm pretty comfortable with all the surgeons I've listed, but I suspect I have several months to continue researching before I commit to anything and I might as well use them to find the best possible surgeon.


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the only surgeon on your last I'm not familiar with is Galvez. The rest are internationally known and have outstanding reputations.

I think the issue is, as you said, most men don't have plastic surgery. But I'm sure any of those surgeons would be a fantastic choice. And they probably all have before=after pictures of male patients - just ask when you do your consults.

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