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On 8/4/2020 at 11:46 AM, mousecat88 said:

I have no clue. lol. I was just told they were 450cc implants. I had NO breast fat so I still have some loose horizontal skin. He had to suture my pec muscles really tight on the right side so it wouldn't migrate to my armpit. This resulted in the right breast looking wider. I don't think I want a revision, though. Not worth it. Everything is still healing and I have some folded skin at my lower back that looks like a second butt crack (lol) that he will have to fix in 5 months just in-office with Lidocaine. I don't think I would do a butt lift again. I'll post before and after photos of all that in 5 months. lol!

I was going to go with 400cc but glad I didn't because then I'd have even more loose skin. My end result is a 34D. I almost wish I went with 500 because maybe it would have filled up ALL the loose skin. I dunno. I had a reduction from a 48H in 2017. That left me at a 46D. Then I lost weight and instead of drooping so much, I had a lot of horizontal skin, which is unusual.

Can I ask a question?I remember you had an arm procedure done with local anesthesia. My surgeon is "fixing" the area in my arm pit that is still loose form my brachioplasty under local. It will probably be a 1-2 inch incision only. Did you have swelling or any restrictions like no lifting etc. form just the local smaller procedure and incision?

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