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Fibromyalgia or other Chronic Illnesses and Sleeve?

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Hi future friends!

I don’t have my surgery date scheduled yet, but I’ve got most of my ducks in a row, and just waiting to hear back from insurance on when my sleeve date will be!

I’ve read so many inspiring stories and seen so many of you share your before and after pictures, that I must say I am blessed to have found such an authentic and supportive group to go through this journey with!

My story is pretty common as far as up and down weight gain since childhood, post-baby weight gain, etc.

Then, 3 years ago, PLOT TWIST! One day I couldn’t walk or use my legs.

We thought it was Lymes Disease, and it took over a year to figure out it was Fibromyalgia.

Then, it took another year to get the right medications to bring the pain levels down.
I’ve come very far, but still have to use a powered wheelchair for any walking or standing longer than 10-15 minutes and tire extremely easily.

Of course being immobile and on MANY weight gaining medications pushed me right into the MO category super fast!

My hope after sleeve surgery is to be able to be more mobile and finally feel like myself again.

I would love any stories of anyone else’s journey!

Remember my friend,

Your weight may fluctuate...

But your worth never will!

<3, Sarah

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It’s a long story over the course of my life, living with lifelong chronic illness and disability. I have myalgic Encephalomyelitis since age 9 at least which causes post exertional malaise. Exertion is exhausting And exacerbates symptoms, exercise is physically damaging. It led to developing many medical conditions including fibromyalgia. Metabolic disorders. I cannot exercise and my metabolism is slower than a sloth. I fought my weight since childhood too. I went to strict low carb and calorie counting fighting sugar addiction but over time it wasn’t enough, I could never get to a healthy weight, I’d always be stuck but I felt I had to accept that I’d be a higher weight 134lb highest 215lb. Lowest on my own briefly 124lb. But my weight got out of control again. I had feelings my gallbladder wa# making it worse but no doctor listened. My weight got to 208lb and I desperately fought for bariatric surgery. Finally I got to Cleveland Clinic where they listened to how for so long i ate low carb low calories and it stopped helping me. And I had gastric bypass surgery April 29th 2019 along with gallbladder surgery which turned out to be chronic inflammation.

it did take a toll on M.E. but I couldn’t carry the burden of the weight either. I literally lost a small person in weight ... not a cure but easier to carry yourself without the burden.

having the ability to keep moving helps fibromyalgia pain and fatigue. Catch 22 with me since it hurts M.E. But I will never regret having the tool of gastric bypass surgery.

I hope you find success and relief on your journey.

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