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I am exactly 5 months post op today, and am doing great! I'm not the biggest loser, but my loss has been fairly steady and I'm happy. So far I'm down 64 pounds since surgery (105 total) and a total of 40 inches since surgery (including 7 from my waist). Still a ways to go to get to goal, but I'm committed for the long run.


  • I am walking around 2 miles most days. Pre surgery, I could walk but was in pain from arthritis and tendinitis after a very small amount
  • I went hiking last weekend and did 6 miles pretty easily
  • I've outgrown pretty much all my old clothes, even the "small" ones from storage
  • My arthritis pain is significantly lower than it was
  • I am not exhausted and falling asleep on the couch in the evening. (when we are allowed, I'd feel good enough to go out and do things on weeknights)

I have my 6 month appt (via phone) in about 3 weeks and I'll get my blood work done before that, but I think things should be well since I'm doing well with food, Fluid, and Vitamins.

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Wow! Loosing 64# in 5 months is amazing! Don’t forget that!!!! Congrats!! You are doing amazing!

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Awesome! What do you eat during an average day?

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Thanks. And yes, 64 lbs in 5 months is crazy :)

For food, I am generally right around 800-900 calories, with around 70 grams of Protein. I am low carb, but not super low, so I'm happy between 50-80 grams net (excluding my fiber). My typical day includes:


coffee w/ sugar free Creamer and a Protein Shake. I add a Fiber supplement as well.


Varies, but something like chicken salad on whole grain bread (1 slice) or ground chicken w/ Beans and taco seasoning


Varies as well, but generally chicken of some sort with veggies.

I generally don't snack. I have just started to feel hungry again so if I am really hungry I may have some greek yogurt. I also occasionally have a SF popsicle at night.

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