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So I was originally going to have an EGD w Bravo before the revision surgery but plans have since changed. I’m wondering how many or if anyone else had the EGD/hernia repair (possibly) done at the same time as the surgery. The reason my plans changed was because the hospital had a major screw up w my IV placement on the day I was supposed to get the EGD; the team had a very hard time finding my veins because they are so small. Yes, I drank Water the day before but that did not help. They put the IV in thinking they found my vein but turns out they were wrong; I think the line moved or something because I could feel some of the anesthesia but not enough to knock me out in the operating room. Long story short the surgeon called it off; the team basically turned me into a pin cushion and my arm was swollen because more fluids got into the tissue. So to get to my question, anyone had the EGD at the same time of the revision? If so, how did it go?

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