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Anterior Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome (ACNES)

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I can not wait to go to the neurology appt... The area right next to the belly button is the spot, plus my whole left side to under my ribs, to my pelvic area... I have had this issue since at least 2007, It has gotten way worse then when it started, I pray to God I am right with the problem...Anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome... this can cause different issues as well... biggest problem is people get diagnosed with all sorts of stuff.. I have complained and complained through the years, have had a million scans with nothing found,... looking for a reason and a fix... for 13 yrs has not been fun, and most Dr's just look at you like your nuts, or a hypochondriac, or a liar. I can guarantee you this ... I am not lying, and what I have called spasms for yrs... is exactly that... irritating that nerve ! So glad I went back to the Bariatric who took out my band... because he is the first one to say nerve damage. We shall see...... This has plagued me since 2007 ... 3 years after band placement. My lapband broke twice, got it fixed early 2008 ... and then again it broke in 20013, I believe it caused this damage to my stomach, as the spasms used to happen when the port was still in, they thought by putting a new smaller port in that it would fix it. IT DIDNT.... then we discovered in 2013 that it broke again... and the hose was wrapped around my spleen causing this damage. I really regret getting the Gastric Lapband.




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