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Any bike suggestions?

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I haven't been on a bike since I was a teenager (I'm 48 now). My husband just told me on our way home from dinner tonight that he wants to get himself a bike so he can take it with us camping and summer vacations.

Got me thinking that I MIGHT want to get one for myself.

1- Is it true what they say about never forgetting how to ride a bike? lol

2- I'm almost 4 yrs out from VSG. I originally lost 100lbs and have gained back about 30. I never did get down to my goal weight and still have over 100lbs to lose.

3- For those that are still considerably overweight, do you own a bike? Do they make bikes for heavier people? Any suggestions on which bike to get?

4- Lastly, my knees aren't the best (injuries in both plus arthritis in my right knee) Would riding a bike be beneficial or just the opposite?

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Google is your friend:


Expect to pay a "premium" over standard bikes you would see at Walmart, since these bikes handle heavier loads I feel it's money well spent.

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It probably depends just how overweight you are as to what would be suitable but also what you want to do with it.

A lot of road bikes now are rated for up to 120kg+ and even at that it’s usually the wheels that are the weak link and they can easily be upgraded. Mountain bikes and hybrids can be more robust but can be harder work on the road.

As far as your knees go getting the bike set up right should make them comfy and it then should be a good way of getting some low impact exercise. When I first started cycling my knee bothered me a bit so I went for a bike fit and haven’t looked back!

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I had (and still do) a bike when I was heavier (235 heighest weight pre-op).

There are weight limits on bikes, which you can find out quite easily on google (or at the store). I just googled mine, and it has a weight limit of 330lbs.

I had bad knees also (not anymore), and I remember that it didn't bother me too much (knee pain bothered me more just by walking). Your seat height and the distance of the seat from handles are factors in making this better or worse on you knees.

I will say that I bike much, much more now than when I was bigger because, well, its just easier now because I'm fitter. Also, I could not go for very long before because it hurt my butt! The weight loss totally helped with that and can go much longer/further. (Though I do still wear padded shorts).

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I really love my Cirrus Sport with drop bar (ie "girl's bike). (With arthritis is my hips and knees, I just can't swing my leg over the seat, and my balance is not that great, so the drip bar is a really safe option for me. I love it.) It is a hybrid - not as skinny as a road bike, and has really comfortable handlebars that are very ergonomic. The gear shifters are thumb levers - very easy and ergonomic. Seat is good - padded and not as skinny as a road bike. I started riding again after maybe 40 years. It was a little scary - especially on a bike that I couldn't get on or off easily because of the top bar. I just bit the bullet and bought my own. I did a 52 mile race a few months ago and am gearing up for a 100 miler later this year. Biking is fun. It is not hard on the knees, it gives a real sense of freedom, and is just great all around exercise. Warning - The day you buy the bike is the cheapest day you own the bike! Then comes a helmet, car rack, lights, Water bottles, spare parts bag, jerseys, shorts, shoes......................... never ends. I did find my jerseys and shorts at a thrift store for just $8=$10 - a steal. Found bike rack at the thrift store, as well, which saved at least $150. But then had to get the hitch put on my car.

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    • Krestel

      Just saw this on Youtube about the Quarantine and weight loss:
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    • zombierayvinn

      I am almost 8 weeks post op and I am down to 157 from 202. I have been struggling with nausea but not vomiting. Anyone else having this happen?
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      1. Bastian

        After having horrendous nausea I did some reading and it seems quite common. Especially if you have ruled out eating too fast/too big a mouthful. Also drinking too soon will make you feel sick. I now take 2 antiemetics to help with my nausea, hopefully yours is just that you need to slow down eating etc

      2. BayougirlMrsS

        agree with the above. start a log of what and when you eat/drink

      3. zombierayvinn

        Thank you. I get the nausea throughout the day and night its kind of weird.

      4. BayougirlMrsS

        do you set a timer? This is also a hard one or me. During the time between the band removal and sleeve i got back into the habit of drinking with meals..... water, coffee, wine, cocktails.

        I find myself forgetting. In the past months i only threw up twice... so thats good, but i have felt nausea a few times. So now i set a timer on my phone or if im home, i use Alexa.

    • WInston223322

      Been a hell of a good Journey and thanx to all 
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      Post op day 2...so far so good!
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        What state are you in????

    • Krestel

      Officially no longer over weight! Goal #1 reached! I'm now under 80kgs (176 lbs) at 179cm (5'10") and 10 months post-op and am over the moon. My weight at 79.9 kgs (176 lbs) gives me a BMI of 24.9 which means that I have a normal weight! OMG.
      I still want to lose about 16 lbs more though in order to get safely into the middle range to insure against that little regain that happens. The I have maintenence in front of me as well.
      BUT I have hit my first goal. Yeah me!!!
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      1. biginjapan

        Fantastic! That's such a great goal to reach and one I hope to get to this year as well.

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