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Those last 14 lbs....

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Keep in mind that it takes a deficit of ~3500 cals (some say that deficit has to be 7000) to lose a pound. Someone here cut their cals by 100 a day and hasn't lost anything in a month. Your body might have been at a new set point and cutting only 100 a day with no additional exercise means it WILL take over a month to lose that pound - assuming you were at a new set point.

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24 minutes ago, ms.sss said:

First, you are actually more experienced than me (I was sleeved 3 months AFTER you ;) )

With that said, I think, like alot of us, you may be focusing too much on the number on the scale? When you were 130 lbs before, were you bigger/smaller/the same size as you are now? I know that years ago, I when I weighed the amount I way now, I was actually bigger then than I am now. It may be because of the muscle vs. fat ratio...? Are you fitter now than then?

Chasing a number that worked for you before may not be as applicable now.

Thanks for your reply...I think I'll post my original question on the maintenance thread too although I'm not sure if I'm in the "still losing" or "maintenance" stage...how can you know??

When I weighed 130# for years, I was a size 2 and did a bit more intense exercise than now because I didn't have any knee issues. I ran 3-5 miles, 3 days/wk and did daily high impact aerobics (which is why I now have the knee issues!). I think I'm pretty fit for a 66 yr old but it's frustrating to still be classified as overweight. I don't think I can realistically eat much lower than 700-800 kcal/day and until I get my knees fixed I can't exercise more (too much pain). So I feel sort of stuck with not being able to get into the normal weight BMI category.

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Somebody on this forum recommended using Smart BMI as a more realistic calculation (especially if you're not a spring chicken like me!).


According to this, my weight is acceptable for my age and height - yours might be too!

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