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Im hungry

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When I was in that stage I drank Protein Shakes and Protein Water so I was able to have some non-protein 2 oz. meals.


Smashed banana

Premade mashed potatoes (I don't eat them now, but when I was getting like 300 calories a day I did.)


Mashed avocado

Also, for me, thirsty can seem like hungry, so make sure you are staying hydrated. Good luck!

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I didn't have to do purees - went straight to softs.

But in my full liquids phase here is what I thrived on. It helps with hunger to keeps carbs to 20g or less per day. Swearsies.

1. Cottage cheese or ricotta (ricotta bake from WorldAccordingToEggface blog)

2. Foil wrapped tilapia and basa filets with lemon

3. chicken or tuna or salmon salad blitzed to a puree (pate) consistency with lots of Greek yogurt and dijon mustard to make it super creamy and smooth. You can even lighten it up with ff Fairlife Milk.

4. Cream Soups with extra Protein Powder added to them. (Did this A LOT!! Made every flavor you can think of: pizza, alfredo, mexican, asian, etc.)

5. Blended soups/stews to a puree.

6. SF Jello with yogurt (still love it)

7. SF popsicles

8. Protein pudding (SF jello pudding made with Premier Protein and FF Fairlife Milk)

9. Green smoothies made with protein powder, frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, Peanut Butter powder, liquid stevia.

10. Roasted Smashed Cauliflower puree with greek yogurt, nutritional yeast, and herbs. Same thing with canned pumpkin.

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I am on puree as well, second week! So far I have done cream of wheat, ricotta bake, egg salad but you can also do chicken salad, tuna salad, puree Soups as well, do Protein Shakes in a blender to mix it up a bit, refried beans.....I found that there is actually a lot you can do on puree. I'm enjoying it so far :)

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