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1 hour ago, Mikeyy said:

^^ that seems like an awful lot of calories involved pretty sure Optifast is like 200 kcal per serve.

I've been told 3-4 shakes a day (max 600kcal a day) preop with 25-30g Protein per shake!

Not sure what the 'progam' is like now although I briefly peeked. WAY back in the day when I did Optifast (after Oprah Winfrey made it popular), they had us mix our shake packets with Water, averaging between 80 - 100 calories a day.

We did not have a 'meal replacement option'. Did it for 90 days...3 LONG MOS! Lost 80 lbs and kept it off for a decade.

I do see that if a person mixes it with milk or maybe there is now a ready to drink shake..that this would be 200 cals (which you referenced)..so hopefully for the purposes of losing for pre-op, a dr might put someone on Optifast with a requirement to use water, that would be roughly 500 calories a day and would allow a small food meal.

Again, this is just conjecture on my part but was interested to see Optifast is still around..and back in my 'dinosaur days'..we had to walk uphill in the winter for 10 miles and ONLY mix our shakes with water!! LOL ;)

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4 hours ago, KarenLR75 said:

Don't feel alone. There are many on here who had to do primarily liquid diet for 2 weeks and some for 3 weeks. As I stated in earlier post, I ended up doing one for almost 30 days BEFORE surgery. MOST pre-op liquid diets that I've seen ppl post about seem to all have a couple things in common - you can have sugar free Jello and sugar free popsicles.

Maybe something to inquire about to see the reasoning on no sugar free jello/popsicles? Or maybe you already know why your dr prefers that you keep limited..to just s/f Italian ice?

There are many who do 2 weeks liquid preop liver shrinking diet. I did it. Then had 2 weeks of liquids post op. It’s so HAR! But it’s a right of passage and only a brief window of time. Bonus is this is the time you will see some of your biggest losses—provided you play by the rules and don’t cheat.

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