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Body Changes are Frustrating

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Hi all, I'm a veteran of WLS and a life coach. I had my surgery in Vancouver Canada, and lost 100 lbs. Lately I've noticed that so many wls successes struggle with body changes. I've been pretty lucky myself, as an older married woman I'm okay with some sagging and wrinkles, but I would love to hear from others about what struggles they might have with this issue. You can share here, or message me privately, it would really help me become a more effective coach. And hopefully I can share some tips, too.


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I'm in my upper 40's and this is my 2nd go-'round with WLS. When I had Lap-Band surgery in 2005, I was younger and more "pliable". Having lost the same amount of weight with each surgery, I feel qualified to compare 30's vs 40's.

In my 30s, I didn't notice any sagging or wrinkling. I was happy. I felt good, I looked good (makes me wonder how/why I allowed myself to get right back where I started, but that's another story). Now, a little over a decade later, I'm more wrinkly and saggy. Not significantly and nothing I cannot hide under clothing, but I noticed it and it makes me self conscious. I also noticed crepey skin on my thighs. Again, easily covered with clothing. But the worst by far is the saggy, flappy upper arms. I try not to go out in public without these flappers covered (hard to do in Texas 100 degree heat by the way). I started this 2nd journey with no intention of plastic surgery, but I'm telling you...when I hit my goal, I am going to see someone about these arms and if my finances allow, I'm getting them taken care of.

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    • GreenTealael  »  RNY 2ND RODEO

      🕒🕒🕒Happy Surgery Day & Good Luck🕒🕒🕒
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    • ms.sss

      Looks like I need people around to complete a 10K.  I tried to do one by myself this afternoon and I gave up at around the 7km mark.  Gonna try again on Friday, but I may have to look into joining a running club...
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      1. FluffyChix

        Join a running club!!! Woot!!!

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      post op 2 months
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    • allwet

      My Surgeon asked me a question the other day and i didn't give it a lot of thought at the time.
      He asked "do you tell"
      we were talking about peoples reaction to seeing me since i lost such a large amount of me.
      I answered that i do tell if they ask but that it seems most everyone is afraid to mention it if they haven't seen me in a while or they decided they already know the answer so they don't need the truth from me (we all know those types)
      I have had exactly one family friend come right out and ask me how i lost so much weight this year and i told her i had Gastric Sleeve.
      I am sure family has passed it around to other family (you have that type family don't you? or is it just me)  
      So that left me wondering "do you tell" and i dont mean right at surgery time. more like a year or so down the road do you say how or do you just say cut out the sugar and carbs and WAALAA
      Its a real personal choice to open yourself up to that kind of criticism and we know all about how we took the "Easy" way and yada yada yada.
      hope everyone is having a great week
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        If people ask, I am open about it

      2. ms.sss

        I'm about 10 months post op, and my standard answer is I eat way less and exercise way more (oh, and I cut the carbs by a lot). The only people I told were Mr., the Kid, BFF and my Mom.

      3. FluffyChix

        People know cuz my sissies have big mouths. And when skinny peeps ask out of morbid curiousity and they are "related" somehow to me, I look at em and arch my eyebrow and smile like, WTF? Then I just shrug and say, "I can neither confirm nor deny." (I've practiced this in the mirror many times. LOL!)

        But today, I was talking to a lady in my oncologist's office and she said "Oh don't you love you Surgeon X - bariatric surgeon? I'm in her weigh loss program!" And so I really opened up to her and talked frankly about the program and the surgery and details and how I'm so much happier and healthier, etc. So there has to be a real genuine need and desire for comraderie--otherwise, "Bye Felicia..."

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