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Post Surgical Pain- LapBand vs. RNY

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I posted this in the revision board but that board is a ghost town :) haha.

Am en route to have my lapband revised to the RNY (most likely- not sold on the sleeve...) and I am trying to figure out how much time off from work I need.

When I had the lapband surgery, I spent a day in the hospital with gas pains and just a little sore. If I had the job I have now back then (middle school teacher- so I can be fairly sedentary if needed) I think I would’ve been able to go back to work within a few days.

I mean, I just had a baby with no drugs, had to be stitched and I was going on long walks the day after. I also had ankle reconstruction and went back to work in 4 days (including a weekend). Not saying that I am super tough, just a seasoned surgery patient- there are way more that I could list :)

Those who have had both surgeries, how do you think the recovery time and pain compares?


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