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What complications have you lot had

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1 minute ago, diabloogre said:

I am about 11 weeks out had have had a weird complication so about a week and a half ago I got to where I couldn't pee anymore. I went to the Er with acute urinary retention they said it wasn't because of the surgery and put a cathater in I wore for a week. It was removed last thursday. They asked if I had been constipatied and I was like not really but acutally I really was very constipated. I am one that has never really felt it for some reason. I have started drinking milk of magnesia and its getting easier but still having issues getting it started. The urologist says wearing the cath a week probably weakend my muscles so I am trying to make sure I drink at least 64 oz of Water a day, before I was lucky if I was getting in just over 40.

we were told in the pre-op classes that we needed to drink at least 64 oz of non-caffeinated fluids a day - so yes, definitely do that. That's a good goal for anyone, really, not just WLS patients, but we're also on fairly high-protein diets, so it's even more important for us.

chronic constipation is an extremely common issue for both sleeve and bypass patients. Many of us take a capful of Miralax every day - but others have had good success with stool softeners, Smooth Move tea, magnesium tablets, prunes, whatever. Just find what works for you and keep on top of it.

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