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Good morning,
I am having difficulty taking down my Protein Shakes (premier and isopure). Are there any good Protein shakes(non-flavor) recommendations??
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Are you doing the milky Protein Shake or the sports drink kind..
Because there is a good one from Isopure let me send you a picture.. it's 21 bucks on Amazon's 16 servings and 20grms of Protein per serving.1556939347983.jpeg

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A very good suggestion. Thanks Big Ange!

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I found some shakes to be too sweet after surgery. I love Unjury vanilla with 2% Fairlife. I mix it in a shaker, let the bubbles settle while I get ready for work and split the liquid into 2 5oz baby bottles with caps. (Walmart) I can't find any other small drink bottles. nectar is delicious if you do like sweet and flavor. I like the chocolate truffle and vanilla bean torte. They also have Water mix flavors. I don't like those, but they have a huge variety. I bought a massive sampler for $35 from Amazon. I am looking for a strawberry banana if anyone knows of any that aren't too sweet.

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    • ms.sss

      I think i just spent the entire morning plus a couple more hours on here.
      My name is ms.sss and I am a BP forums-aholic.
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      1. MarvelGirl25

        Lol I know the feeling!

    • SabrinaGoddess

      My life is WONDERFUL
      I am 10 weeks post op today. I have lost 43 pounds!
      I walk 3-5 miles daily and I have picked up Hoola Hooping! I am on a dang roll and I love it.
      Sorry I have been absent on here but I really have made it a point to take care of ME. My exercise time is precious so I have to get it in before working or anything else.
      I wish there was MORE than WORDS to express to you just how wonderful I feel!
      I even created a new blog post today! https://sabrinagoddess.com/create-a-life-that-you-love

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      WOW..... 50,005 people have viewed my profile..... Hope i was able to inspire at least one....
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    • Vicki Lindsey

      Ok I had surgery on Jan 27 2020 so I am 3 weeks out and have lost 32 lbs  I wish I had this done sooner. Now just trying to figure out different things to eat so I am not eating the same thing over and over. I did order some stuff today from the Bariatric Store and that stuff should be here in time for my next phase. I have a goal of 50 lbs by the first of June hope that is attainable. Good luck to every one on this journey 
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      1. MAUREEN2U

        That wonderful. That's a lot of weight for such a short time.Hooray.

      2. lisafrommassachusetts


        Congratulations on 32 pounds! That is great! Are you still on restricted foods? What are you eating now?

    • GinaFigz

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