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15 weeks pregnant sleeve In 2017

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This will be my second baby found out yesterday another boy so excited. I can't help but feel anxious about this pregnancy as I have only gained 5 pounds so far. I know that is good but I am not showing at all. My doctor doesn't seem to think it's an issue. Any other mamas go through this?

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I actually lost weight in both of my pregnancies (one being prior to my surgery) and this last one I lost at first and only gained 8 lbs total for the entire pregnancy which fluctuated up and down. The baby was 7lbs 6oz at birth..... and after I had him I lost over 25 lbs within a few weeks. I think it really depends on your weight going in on how much you will actually gain or lose (if any). If you are overweight then you aren't supposed to gain much and the more overweight you are, the less you are supposed to gain if that makes sense. I was sick the entire way through but the Drs were not concerned as I was still overweight and the baby was absolutely fine. Just stay hydrated is what they will most likely tell you and if need be then get on some nausea meds to help keep some kind of food down. However, I wouldn't worry about it as long as the baby is healthy at ultrasounds and is kicking, I think you'll be just fine.

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