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AMAW/CAMAW - Let's do this thang!

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Oh here was a shot of lunch on Day 5! :) I love doing this. I warm up a homemade sausage patty, pour egg white over it and nuke. Then cook a whole egg in another ramekin. Then when they are done, I put a 1/2 slice of 2% Deli Deluxe cheese in the middle of the two egg pucks. It's a bunless egg mcmuffin using the egg pucks as the "bread".



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Woohooo! How did everyone do?

So Saturday (Day 7 for me) ended up with me face down doing obscene things to a sausage on a stick and a giant pretzel with mustard. German Christmas Market here...did so well until then. :( I ended up this morning with the following stats:


Day 1 Weight: 152.4lbs

Waist Size: 29.5inches


Day 8 Weight: 151.6lbs*

Waist Size: 29.5inches

(This is a temporary fluctuation from Saturday's poor choices. I was down to 149lbs on Friday.)

Sooooo...even after my transgression on Saturday I ended up a little lower than I began. I have to say, it's a great plan if you're someone who hates veggies. For anyone else, it's sheer torture. And not worth it. I'd much rather do Atkins in any derivation. :) Not that eat so much contraband, so sugar alcohol subtraction doesn't trip me up or fool me into thinking I can lose weight while eating junk with 100s of grams of sugar alcohols--I do believe that most of us can safely subtract the Fiber in veggies and things like psyllium, etc. So I will continue doing my low fat Atkins (with a lower CCL than usual) and will probably net it out. Cuz um, I rationalize. Have I mentioned that? :D

I wish I'd stopped to take a pic. This was brekky this morning and it was VLC (very low carb, super low cal for the Protein buck) and I was perfectly satisfied. No angst or carb/veggie envy at all. To me, this is just the "balanced approach" that works for me.

It was an egg foldover - like a fluffy egg taco that you fold in half and eat with the guts of turkey, lite cheese, and arugula. Yummy!


Edited: It was actually arugula but I clicked on the wrong button cuz I'm so used to having super greens rather than arugula. But they're pretty much the same macros. :D

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