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I have anxiety about everything including FLYING! I haven't been in a plane since I was a child, over 30 years ago. So, maybe I can get some helpful advice here. I have specific questions.
Economy or Pay extra for first class, with surgery recovery as a thought here?
Drive 2.5 hours to the airport to NOT have to switch flights and save hundreds of dollars or fly from 30 minutes away at a higher cost and requiring switching flights at other airports.
I don't know how to switch flights. will someone help me at the airports?
Carry on bag and purse and CPAP machine and luggage. How many bags should I plan on.
Any and all help is appreciated.
Thank you!
Supporting a previous response... a CPAP and your cane are medical devices. They do not (repeat, DO NOT) count against you one carry on or personal item.

As for the "close and change planes" vs. "Drive and nonstop flight" I'd recommend the nonstop. You are only allowed to lift a certain amount after surgery. IMHO I don't want to spend my limited energy dragging myself from plane to plane. Yes, driving after takes effort, but you control the timing of that. Pull over if you are tired. Get a motel (or maybe even plan to do that after the flight and drive home the next day.)

Finally, for what it's worth, if you aren't tall and don't need the legroom, consider an aisle seat near the rear of the plane. Yes, it is more walking on and off, but you are close to the bathrooms and flight attendants. Plus, post-surgery is the time to play the "those with special needs" card. Yes, I said it, *and* I'm a SE teacher and parent of a child with a physical disability. If the truth is that you are feeling sore and moving slow, you should pre board without shame. My 2 cents...

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Play the disability card, maybe it's only a temporary variety, but post-surgery people deserve. a little kindness and pampering. You have the rest of your life to be strong and self- reliant, don't be ashamed at this point. Bariatric is MAJOR SURGERY, after all!

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