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Sleeve to mini gastric bypass or R&Y gastric bypass

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anyone here have revision from sleeve to gastric bypass or mini gastric bypass?

Back story: I had sleeve in March 2017 despite urging of my doctor to have full bypass. After watching and reading countless stories of people who were heavier than me who had fantastic results with vsg, I decided to go with that instead of bypass.

Fastforward to today, September 25: current weight 199. Surgery day I was 236.4 with my all time highest weight of 290. I managed to lose 50 pounds pre-op and was hopeful that I would have success post op by continuing the same practices as pre-surgery. Well, that obviously has not worked for me. I am so disappointed. I put my body and mind through all this to have minimal results.


1. Anyone have revision from Sleeve to mini-gastric bypass; would you recommend mini bypass or full bypass?

2. Who has used Dr. Illan for this particular surgery/revision?

3. What has your results post mini-bypass?

Any help would be appreciated. I have an appointment in 2 weeks with my surgeon here in the US with hopes that he would allow a revision; if not, I am contemplating surgery with Dr. Illan........

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Research duodenal switch. It is a very successful surgery that starts with making a sleeve (which you already have) then bypassing about 2/3 of the small bowel. Watch this Dr.'s video.

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