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LAPBAND to MGB - Please share your stories

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Hi there,

So i had a lapband put in in 2009, had inital success with it for the first 4years, then the problems started... food kept getting stuck despite having fill taken out, i had CONSTANT SEVERE left shoulder tip pain, and left side stomach pain to the point it hurt to breathe and i couldn't function etc! I Lost around 50kilos in the time i had the band! i was happy til i was in constant pain and vomiting all the time! I couldn't even get greek youghurt down in the end. I started to gain weight back because i could only eat crap & slider foods. It was so frustrating!

I decided although i was apprehensive to have my band removed (in November 2017) and im currently back to my pre banded weight almost! Im crushed!

i have a 2 year old son who i struggle to keep up with & want to be a fit, healthy, happy Mumma to him!

SO....... I've had a consult with Dr Brendan Ryan in sydney to discuss my options for revision! I originally leant towards a Sleeve, BUT in my research & medical advice i now see that RNY or MGB is best for me success wise & for maximum weight loss! So iv chosen MGB & im suddenly frightened! Is this op going to work for me, will I WORK WITH IT & BE SUCCESSFUL!? Will i have complications, & massive Vitamin deficiencies, what about future pregnancies (Dr said i could have a baby again but have to be monitored closely etc) What about having a social drink etc (i rarely drink but like to let my hair down a few times a year)

I think im overthinking but im also a worrier & scared im making the wrong choice.....

Those who have had revision from Band to MGB please share your stories, Pros & cons, Success with MGB etc

I need to know these are all normal thoughts?????

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    • SorryNameTaken  »  JRT Mom

      I hope your surgery went well and your recovery is going smoothly!  If you need anything while you're up here in northern VA, let me know, I'm only a hop, skip, and a jump away!  

      Let us know how you are doing when you're feeling up to it!
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    • Angela63

      Hello everyone hope you have a wonderful day, and remember to drink water.❤️✊✊
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    • SabrinaGoddess

      Hospital - PAID
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      Anesthesia Tech - PAID
      Plane Ticket - BOOKED
      Hotel Room - BOOKED
      Vitamins - ORDERED
      Stocking for Post Op - STARTED
      Dec 9th - here I come!
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    • GainingChelsea

      Currently waiting on a surgery date. Hope to hear soon. I have been fighting for the sleeve surgery for 10 years. I am so ready!
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    • Krestel

      How can a bowel movement make me lose almost 4 pounds? How much poo am I full of?
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      1. lvidacovich

        I haven't pooped in a weed and I'd love a 4 pound poo right now lol

      2. ms.sss

        Lol, yeah, I've been known to drop 3-ish lbs after a good (and long awaited) poop.

        .....or even after a moderate to severe dumping episode. yikes.

      3. FluffyChix

        Those are championship cups for both you guys! :) I personally came up a 1.4lb winner this morning. ;) hehehehe.

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