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Requirement of UHC

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So the doctors office just called me and scheduled my first appointment with them now that my insurance covers it but it’s not for another month [emoji17] They also informed me that per my insurance which is United Healthcare, it is a requirement that I meet 5 times with their nutritionist over a period of six months. That’s six months I have to wait for a date for the surgery which is very depressing to me. I have a wedding in October and I wanted to make some progress by then so right now I am feeling a little defeated. Anybody else go through this and what was the outcome?

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This is really common actually. My insurance doesn't require it, but the surgeon I am going to requires three months of dietitian visits. That want to ensure you are committed to lifestyle changes and starting early.

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While my insurance did not have a 6 month requirement, my team had a three month requirement - but by the time I got all the testing scheduled and done, it was almost 5 months before I had my surgery. My program required the information session (April 2016). Then I started with the surgeon's office in May and my surgery was at the end of August. What I can tell you is they are looking for your ability to stick with the plan you will be given. I was given a high Protein almost no carb plan to follow from the start - not very different than how I would be eating post-surgery. And I had to schedule the endoscopy, the pulmonary clearance, the cardiac clearance, the psych eval (which took more than a month to schedule and then another month to get the report back.)

The time flies. I understand your frustration, but the biggest part of making this work long-term is getting your head in the right place.

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I have UHC as well and I did have the 6 month supervised diet but I meet with my surgeon each month and used that as the supervised diet. Meet with the nutritionist once and the psyh once. It goes by pretty quick. I was scheduled for surgery on the 4 visit so I knew my date. That is when it felt like it took forever. It gave me plenty of time to do all my research which made my visits a in and out thing cause I knew what was coming and what I needed to change. Used the 6 months to stop smoking and get it in my head I would not be able to eat a lot of the foods I loved then. So food funerals were an everyday thing the last month.

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    • The Wizard

      I had my surgery just about a month ago. I generally feel very good. It takes some time to learn how to eat again. Small meals, more often. Eat slow. Eat little. Don't force yourself. If you eat too fast, or are not careful, or you don't think while you eat, you can get in trouble (you'll get reflux, feel like throwing up, but just walk around for a few minutes and it will go away as you digest.)
      The first few days after the surgery were tough. Hard to eat, hard to drink. Now it's a lot better. It took probably a week to get to a satisfactory level and feel normal. Just bear with it because it gets a lot better.
      If I can give a suggestion to those of you who are going to go through the surgery, is one: be very rested. I made the mistake to sleep only 3-4 hours the night before the surgery, and after the surgery I felt awful. In addition, the hospital did not have a room for me, and I spent overnight in the recovery room. That did not help. I had to stay at the hospital a second night because of that. Make sure you are rested and you have a room. You need to rest after surgery.
      Since the surgery, I have lost an average of 1 lb per day. Fantastic! I have not exercised a lot yet, but I started doing something the past couple of weeks. I am sure as I shed more weight I will start working out more seriously, or at least move. Just walking every day for half hour would be enough for the first few months.
      Good luck to you all. Believe in it! I can see why everyone told me that it would change my life. I can already see it as I am wearing 2-size smaller jeans today.
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    • Little Green

      I ALMOST sneezed today - first time post-op. It was coming but as I flailed around to get a pillow to splint my belly, I lost it.  Usually I hate that feeling but in this case I'm okay with it. I'm not pain-free yet so I would love to avoid a sneeze until then if I can! 
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      1. Little Green

        OMG I JUST FRIGGIN' SNEEZED ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! I had nothing to splint my belly so I just held it as tight as I could :lol::lol::lol::lol: It was fine, there was no pain!

    • MSDionne

      Hey all im 4days post op with full bypass, I came home fine getting all my liquids in no problem, but now seems like protein shakes are causing me alot of gas and excrutiating pain, and now my stomach is real sore, its terrible any ideals from anyone. Im trying to get my protein in.
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      1. Matt Z

        Did they send you home with the Incentive Spirometer? Are you using it every hour? Tip for after laparoscopic surgery is to do deep breathing exercises to help expel the gas from your abdomen. Take a long slow deep breath in, as long as you can then hold it, while holding press down into it slightly (like doing a small crunch) the object is to stretch a little and to slightly increase the pressure in your abdomen to force the gases into the bloodstream for processing. Helps out quite a bit.

      2. Karen Kenney

        you may still have gas from surgery if you are not walking, please walk as much as you can even if it's just around the block. Walking, sweating. peeing, breathing, farting, all will expel the gas from your body. Use your spirometer too. Good luck home you feel better soon!

    • allwet

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    • TxAlpha06

      Want to lift weight so badly.....
      Relax big fella....got a whole lifetime ahead of you....two more weeks....
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