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3 months post-op - powerful changes in health markers

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thought i'd share some pretty incredible numbers i got back from my last blood draw a few days ago. and compared to 2 weeks pre-op. so about 14 weeks total......

weight: 370 -> 285

BP: 180/120 -> 115/70

resting pulse rate: 72 -> 48

fasting glucose: 125 -> 91 (basically "beginning stages of diabetes" to "can't get much better than that")
hBa1c: 7.5 -> 4.9
total cholesterol: 276 -> 156
LDL-C: 201 -> 94
Triglycerides: 140 -> 79
ALT: 64 -> 20 (f*cked up liver to not-f*cked up liver)
AST: 103 -> 20 (f*cked up liver to not-f*cked up liver)
cortisol: 20.5 -> 6.5

so that's what can be quantified. what can't be quantified is the emotional changes and degree of overall happiness, which are now off the charts. i am also 14 weeks sober, which has never happened for me since i started drinking back in college! (but desperately needed to)

anyway, i was a walking time bomb before, but now a walking picture of health. and just signed up for a half-marathon next spring!

god bless this surgery. i feel fortunate that the problem i have had my whole life has a medical fix like this. others aren't so lucky.

i'll post some pics when i build up the nerve. ;-)

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That's fantastic! Congratulations!

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