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I had gastric bypass 5 years ago. I had tried getting insurance to cover my lower stomach hang 2 years after surgery to which they denied saying it was not that bad so it would be cosmetic. Even though it still hung over the pubic bone. I think I could have appealed it but I just let it go.

april of this year I got a rash... I was told it was a yeast rash. They have my cream and powder..

may came and I still had the rash and it became worse. They said it was infected and gave me antibiotics and a new steroid cream.

June and July arrived and I still had this rash. By this time this rash that started in one small spot under my stomach hang it spanned completely across of stomach, down my left leg, and started actually going up my stomach. Through the 2 months, I began taking various antibiotics and again a new creams. My doctor in July finally said she would refer me to the plastic surgeon to have my skin removed, but due to the area I live in I couldn't get in with her until September 7th.

In august I finally went to the ER because it was so painful. Not only did I still have this stupid rash but it has turned into cellulitis because it was so infected. I did finally meet with the surgeon who said If they denied me this time she would help me appeal it (she's awesome and that's what you want in a surgeon!) luckily I have a better insurance company now who approved me in 4 days.

i share this story because A) in super excited to finally have this hang removed!

and B... it can be so hard to prove why you need something that you need but don't ever give up and I wish I would have fought harder the first time and I wouldn't be going through all this pain. Also really make sure you are seeing someone that cares about you, not just your money. The first office I went to were clean, overly qualified, and I know I would have been fine... but didn't listen to anything I had to say about what I wanted or needed which is why I think I got denied. This is your life and you body so don't let any doctor push you around!


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So sorry you had to go through all of that. I hope the panniculectomy helps and goes smoothly.

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Thank you. I just want to make sure people know that to document, document, document with their doctor any rash or discomfort they are experiencing with their skin. You can get insurance to cover it and if you have a good surgeon they will make sure to help you!

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