Leak and stomach twist after surgery

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I had gastric sleeve surgery 10 weeks ago. Ever since I came out of it I had a terrible reaction, bloody vomits with clogs. 7 days after surgery I came down to the ER with a leak at the union between the esofagus and the stomach right at the Hiz angle with abdomen infection and they opened me up to wash the abdomen. I had several bad diagnoses that bring me to the tenth week without any improvement.
I am consulting a second doctor and he recommended enteral nutrition with a probe from my nose to the jejunum at the intestines. This probe will keep me feeded and helps relieve presion from the sleeve and that would presumably to help close the leak.

This is the second time I have this probe because the first time it was wrongly located by the first doctor.
The second probe was introduced just this wednesday through an endoscopic procedure, they noticed my sleeve was twisted and obstructed because of the small width at the first cut with a transversal appearance.
So with this finding they presume this is the cause for the leak which is located exactly at the "his angle" , where the esofagus and the stomach meet.
The doctor says it is imperative to resolve the twisting at the sleeve and the obstruction so that the leak can begin to close.
The location of the leak makes it very difficult for a bypass conversion.
The next step to prevent the stomach from twisting is inject botox to the stomach so that it won't move for a period of time and also use a special balloon to expand or dilate the part of the stomach that is obstructed because of the width. Other options are a speacial prothesis to prevent the twisting, stents and ovesco for the leak, and thinking about the worst case scenario a bypass convertion of total gastrectomy in about 6 months.
Can someone tell me if they are going through something similar, if they went through a complication relatable to mine?
What has been your experience and what do you think about my options?
Thank you for reading!

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So sorry you have had this many complications, I hope you get good doctors to resolve all that has happened.

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