May 2nd sleeve buddy

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I am having my surgery on April 27.
I am sorry to hear about your divorce! My first husband left my kids and I without warning in 2008 and I have since remarried.
I'm in Utah.
My pre op diet starts tomorrow. I'm nervous and excited.

It's ok - all things happen for a reason and now it's time to focus on me a little! My experience on liquids has been much better than expected - day 1 was easy, I was excited! Day two kinda tough, but day 3 was killer! Just remind yourself all day why you are doing this. Plus, I don't want to wake up after "surgery" without surgery because of the condition of my liver! Now, I'm on day 5 and I feel great! It's truly amazing to see what we are learning about nutrition put to work. If you need encouragement on the liquid diet, I'm happy to help! I would love to hear your surgery experience as well since I'm May 2. Good luck!!!

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