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What is most important to weight loss?

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I heard this once and I think it's true. "You lose weight in the kitchen and keep it off in the gym." You need both to lose weight and to keep it off, but it still makes sense to me. If you want to change your body, not just lose weight, I would work with both a personal trainer and a nutritionist, if your budget allows.

RNY 6/8/15 SW 248 LW 175 CW 197 GW 180 "Eat to be the person you want to be."

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DIET is the key. I also eat low carbs/high Protein and imagine I will for life. I enjoy exercise now, but it doesn't move the scale.

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23 minutes ago, Kelly Campbell said:

But I am a meat lover and don't like all veg stuff. What should I do then??

Maybe we're not supposed to love food. I sort of decided of food doesn't have to be good I like being fit and active a whole lot more

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Kelly take a look at the Ketogenic style of eating, you will find a lot of people are able to get fit and look good doing it. You can get your Healthy Fats from Avocado, Olive Oil, Almonds, Salmon and many other foods. You can find many wonderful recipes that increase the quality of food at the same time you are decreasing the Quantity of food.

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Hello Peeps,
I am having second thoughts about getting the Gastric Sleeve.
I am wanting to do it myself the "natural" way.
I really do not want major surgery, but I HAVE to lose weight.
So, here is my question, what is more important to losing weight..... Diet or exercise?
What will make the biggest impact?
I know I need to do both, but I am wondering what is more effective.
Restrictive diet with little exercise? Or lots of exercise without very restrictive diet?
What should I be counting? Calories or carbs?

I was told to really watch the carbs. Cut out sugary soda and juices, eat fruits instead bc the Fiber helps them to stabilize blood sugars and fill you up. I know I'm ready for surgery after 15 years of back and forth with my weight, I'm ready to try this tool. Also walking and weight training help, I read that weights will actually continue to burn calories for hours after the work out.

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On 2/22/2017 at 11:33 AM, OutsideMatchInside said:

Diet is the most important. Exercise is good for fitness, and overall health but not necessary for weight loss. If you want to lose weight fast, a restrictive diet with little exercise besides walking is going to get you the fastest weight loss. If you keep your Protein to 1 gram per 1 pound of lean muscle mass per day, you will lose very little muscle (everyone will lose some muscle dropping weight, you don't need as much muscle to carry the lower weight).

Weighing all your food, all your Condiments etc. Anything with calories, weigh it so you eat an accurate amount.

Track all your food. Even on the bad days, especially on the bad days.

Protein, fat, carbs. If you track your food, eat your Protein first, and cut out all carbs except trace carbs from dairy, and green veggies, it is almost impossible to consume more than 25 carbs a day.

Surgery is not for everyone. It’s ok to be afraid and back out of surgery. If you change your mind down the road, you can start the WLS process over again. Do what’s best for you.

What’s more important diet or exercise? Only my opinion…Both diet and exercise are important. Where does your fat go when you lose weight? Many people don’t know…The video below explains.

You can’t exercise your way out of a poor diet. 70% diet 20% exercise 10% genes.

  • You can control how you follow your plan. Behavior change, eat less and move more.
  • You can’t control, age, sex, hormones, medical issues, medications, genetics. These factors will control the rate and amount of weight you lose.

What should I be counting? Calories or carbs?

If you want lose weigh on your own, Why not hire a dietitian to find a sustainable diet plan that works for you.

WIshing you the best,


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Posted (edited)

The scientific literature is pretty clear about weight loss...calorie restriction is a much larger part of weight loss than exercise. It's simple math...if you figure out how much exercise is required to burn 300 calories vs how easily you can consume an extra 300 calories in a day then you'll see my point - ex. one Boston cream donut can complete undo 45 mins of exercise. It's also psychological - if you could eat a perfectly isocaloric diet and exercise without any compensatory eating (eating more because you're exercising) then sure you can slowly lose weight with exercise alone. The problem is most of us do not know out isocaloric point and most of us can not maintain this lifestyle over months/years without seeing significant progress. With surgery it's also much easier to go into an extreme calorie deficit - how much exercise would you need to do to burn 2200+ calories per day? An immediate deficit many bariatric surgery patients experience pre vs post-op.

This is not to say exercise is not important. Most of the adaptive physiological changes working against us (loss of muscle mass and the subsequent decrease is resting metabolic rate) can be minimized with exercise post-op. It's also important to realize calorie restriction gets the weight off quickly but most of us didn't gain weight quickly - it was relatively slow over years/decades. If you gained 100 lbs over ten years that means an average excess of just 100 calories per day over that 10 year period. You can see how even moderate exercise post-op/weight loss can help to tip the scales towards weight maintenance.

Of course post-op diet is still king for long-term weight loss and maintenance....the old saying you can't out-train a bad diet is true.....

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