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    This surgery is bullshit...

    Sorry, I cant imagine getting any type of surgery done without knowing what I would need to do afterwards. I used to read these boards a lot when preparing, but post surgery and at goal now, its disheartening to read some posts on here so I'm here a lot less. People not doing what they were advised to do but rant and rave anger here. Seems so silly. Surgery is a tool. That's it. I knew that going in and I knew it during. And, if the surgery team is not giving you enough info, sorry, but there are tons of places online to get it. I never research just using one source. Nor, did I just meet with one surgeon. I get it that some folks have challenges after surgery. No problem. Our bodies are different and react different. But, if someone is not willing to make lifestyle changes, this is not the surgery for them. I'm off to take a break from this site again. Stuff like this is annoying. I dont take it personal, but it just feeds into the negativity out there about having WLS. All the best everyone!
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    Why the same advice over and over?

    Well I think that when people reach out for help from regain, they're looking for advice from others that experienced regain and what worked for them. Obviously not every approach works for every person but MANY here have found great success conquering their regain. For me, when I had regain and saw my bariatric team, they told me all the things that I knew they would say- do a post opt diet, go back to protein shakes, portion control, etc. A health issue required me to achieve nutritional ketosis and that's actually what helped me lose all of my regain and more. I conquered the health issue and lost my regain and have maintained over 5 yrs.
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    Hi all! I'm 23 and got my sleeve 1 week ago (on 12/7). I've been keeping up with my vitamins and trying my best to meet my fluid intake (I drink water, electrolyte water and eat SF popsicles for meals), but I'm having trouble with protein supplements. When I was pre-op, I bought Isopure protein drinks (premade) and they tasted pretty good, but now post-op I can't stand the taste or after taste of them (same flavors as pre-op). This is causing me to not meet my protein goals at all, which is terrible and my body is definitely reacting to it (lots of aches and pains). I'm trying to stay away from the milky shakes since my stomach doesn't handle lactose well in high quantities, but if there's one that doesn't taste terrible or have a bad aftertaste then I'm willing to try it. Any advice to get to my goals? I was already a picky eater before the sleeve and now it's gonna be my downfall if I don't find something I like soon 🥲 Sent from my SM-G975U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Good afternoon, My SIL had a VSG, she didn't lose any hair at all. Her locs were baby locs less than 2 years old. My locs were about 3 inches past my bra strap. My locs started to thin a little at the root, so I changed from twisting them to interlocking. That made a little bit of a difference, I chose to cut my locs, now they are shoulder length. My thinning was hereditary and not caused my weight loss. That said, I keep up with my water and my protein to keep the hair loss to a minimum. Final answer, no you probably won't have to cut your locs unless you want to.
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    How long do stalls last?

    My stalls have lasted up to three weeks but I am close to goal. Early on they were 1-2 weeks. I think it varies quite a bit person to person.
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    Do these things improve?

    I too had a GSV with a hiatal hernia repair AND I also take Synthroid and Omeprazole. I began taking Omeprazole 20mg 5 years before my GSV because I did have acid reflux - and it was further suggested that I have GERD. At almost a month out... I still have Acid Reflux. Nothing has changed - Same amt of acid pours into the smaller pouch. I forgot to take my Omeprazole pill one morning and OMG did I suffer. Now that our stomachs are smaller, it is by far easier for developing gas to be pressure released upward and along with it, some stomach acid. So, I am still taking Omeprazole (as directed) and I'm "back to normal." I strongly believe those who have had GSV and a subsequent RNY procedure AND/OR RNY or MGB out the gate do not have the same problems with acid reflux post surgery and beyond. After two weeks, I also experienced insufficient intake and moved to soft foods. Bare in mind, you can use your food processor or your given process (your teeth) to chew chew chew chew. I moved to FF refried beans, a little bit of cheese), avocado, and Sweet Baby Jesus... if you enjoyed pudding as a kid... get some FF SF Jello Chocolate Pudding. 2, cups of FF milk (if you can tolerate milk products) and stir yourself up some yummy goodness. I have small containers and I split the batch into 4 and have two per day. I just could not do some protracted all liquid diet without suffering dizziness, light headedness. One thing I need to look into is if I am insulin resistant. Those who have normal levels - eat food and their system processes food and their body is able to utilize that energy more efficiently. So, that has been on my mind. As a side note, there is a LINX device which can be implanted around the lower esophageal muscle that surrounds and closes the opening to the stomach which helps to prevent the contents of the stomach from back up into the esophagus (which is what reflux is). I know I'm a candidate for that but I don't think the surgical group that performed my procedure does the LINX procedure. Drink, Drink, Drink... gatorade zero has helped me immensely. Take deep breaths and you are still healing and will continue to do so for another 1.5 months. Talk to your NUT if you need encouragement to replace what you are eating with something that has a little more kick. Avocado - that does the trick for me. Best wishes.
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    Do these things improve?

    Yes, it does get better with daily improvement. It’s not the majority but some of us have a rough start, prolonged pain and delayed healing but turn out just fine! I felt a lot of pain the first 2.5 weeks after VSG and then one day I felt significantly better. If you feel like things are not getting better in a reasonable time or getting worse let your team know. Congratulations and speedy recovery
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    Weight loss wall

    Most of us have stalls. It’s not at all uncommon. Just keep sticking to your plan and the stall will break.
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    Smart Crust from Foster Farms. I got it at Shoprite.
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    Why the same advice over and over?

    I'm finally coming back to the boards after a very long hiatus. Yes, I've had some dreaded regain between health issues, Covid, etc. and decided I need to do some sort of "therapy" even if it is socializing on here again. I admit that one of my main reasons for avoiding coming back here is exactly what you are posting about. I kept telling myself that all I'm going to here is go back to what you used to do, drink water/take vitamins/protein-protein-protein. All goes back to WLS being a tool and if your head isn't in the game you're boned. I know I'm not alone in this, and yes, it's so frustrating, embarrassing, and infuriating to be going back up after all the progress I've made. The elephant in the room is that deep down I know 90% of my struggles are mental. When you've spent 40 some years struggling with bad food relationships that crap doesn't just go away with a smaller stomach.

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