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    Nervous to take the plunge

    I did the research years ago and just kept putting it off, coming up with excuse after excuse after excuse as to why not to have surgery. For me, the permanence was something that scared me and put me off doing the surgery for a long time. It was my health declining and fearing that I wouldn't be around to watch my nieces grow up that finally made me make the move. I'm 14.5 months post op with the Loop Duodenal Switch surgery and I only wish that I had done this for myself sooner.
  2. NovaLuna


    I take Pepcid because Prevacid caused MORE acid. I have no idea why...
  3. NovaLuna

    What Was Your Biggest Challenge

    When I told them I 'dumped' after eating a low carb wheat bread they tested me for the allergy because you're not supposed to dump with my surgery. However, they just told me to avoid wheat and never told me that it was an actual allergy until I saw my gastroenterologist and THEY told me that I'd developed a wheat allergy due to my surgery. I wish the bariatric surgeon had MENTIONED it was an allergy and not just 'avoid wheat'. Like, really? But, apparently it happens. My gastroenterologist said I'm just lucky it wasn't Celiac Disease because WLS can cause that.
  4. My thighs went numb a couple of months ago. It was the back part of my thighs... I never got the feeling back. My labs are fine, so it wasn't that. My doctor thinks it's from my back (they suspect I have a slipped or bulging disc. I have an MRI on the 19th so I guess I'll find out then).
  5. NovaLuna

    What Was Your Biggest Challenge

    One of my biggest challenges post op was developing a wheat allergy. They don't tell you that it can happen to you after surgery, but it CAN! Learning how to eat around it is insanely difficult! Eating out was already tough, but now it's next to impossible... you have to constantly ask "Is there wheat in this? And if you say no, is there flour in it, because if there is, then yes, there's wheat. I'm allergic to wheat." It gets annoying. I had no idea just how many things have wheat in them! Learning to eat different was already difficult and then I had to change things to take wheat completely out of my diet but due to wheat being in more than 90% of flours it's in pretty much everything! You have to look for either 'wheat free' or 'gluten free' most of the time to know right off the bat that there isn't any wheat in it.
  6. NovaLuna

    Post op SADI weight loss stalled

    Considering the date... I'd say you've hit the three week stall. It's totally normal and happens to most. It doesn't always come on the third week post op, but it's usually within the first month. It skipped me, personally, but my first stall was at month 3 and it was three weeks long. It frustrated me to no end, but now, 14 months out, stalls are very common. Even so, every time I hit a stall I still want to throw my scale (I'm in one now as a matter of fact as March 29th was the last time I lost weight, but considering it was 3 pounds... I'm okay with the stall lol. I just hope it won't be as long as my last one... 27 days was way too long! 😬). Anyway, you'll pass the stall. Just continue to follow your diet, get your protein in, and your fluid, and it'll pass!
  7. Hello, everyone! I had the Loop Duodenal Switch surgery 14 months ago on January 23, 2020. At my heaviest I was 389 pounds, but was 321 on the day of my surgery. I am currently 191 pounds and only 11 pounds away from my personal goal weight. When I was first looking into this surgery (which was the suggested surgery of my surgeon) I was wondering just how many vitamins I was going to have to take every day and just how much this was going to cost me. So I decided that since I just ordered a year's supply of vitamins I may as well share that for those of you who are looking into the surgery and want to know those things. And what exactly a years supply of vitamins looks like lol (though do keep in mind that every person is different. I take less iron then the norm because my iron is naturally high. I take less calcium for the same reason. And not every one will have just a Vitamin A deficiency. Some have B, or D, or K, or all the above) So, for me, personally, I take 2 bariatric multivitamins WITHOUT iron, 1 bariatric multivitamin WITH iron, and 2 Calcium Citrate every day. I also take 5,000IU of Vitamin A every OTHER day. How much does that cost? Well, you will definitely have to shop around and try different vitamins before you find some that you either like or can tolerate. Some people struggle finding vitamins because certain ones make them sick. I never had this problem. However, generally after a month... or three (depending on your surgeon) they tell you that you can go to non-chewable vitamins. I can't. I have something called EoE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) which is an autoimmune disorder that I was diagnosed with in 2016 that causes narrowing of the esophagus and makes it impossible for me to swallow pills. Thus, chewables are my only option. It's more expensive that way, but nothing I can do about that so telling you how much everything is isn't going to help as you likely won't have a problem with the far cheaper non-chewable option. If you DO have that problem however and NEED chewable vitamins full time like myself, then I spent $565.23 on a years supply of vitamins. That's about $1.55 a day or $10.87 a week or $47.10 a month (it's not as bad as it seems at first glance when put that way, right?). I wanted to make this thread because anyone who has this surgery will have their surgeon's office reminding you repeatedly, so that you understand, that vitamins are something you HAVE to take with this surgery! You cannot just suddenly decide it's too expensive and then land yourself in the hospital or even DIE because you don't want to fork over the money to keep you healthy. If you know the price ahead of time then you can either set money aside such as my own habit of setting $50 aside a month so that I can just order 6 months or a years supply at a time once I have enough to do so (I just wiped out my vitamin savings with this recent order though lol). I wanted to make this thread because when I was going through the process I really would have like to SEE what a years supply of vitamins looks like! Also, if you have any questions about the Loop Duodenal Switch/SIPS/SADI-S and my own experiences with it, feel free to ask! Well, here's what a my own years supply of vitamins looks like:
  8. I'm 14 months out and my surgery involves a sleeved stomach. I never really had to worry about eating too fast because I have EoE which is an autoimmune disorder that causes narrowing of the esophagus and choking issues. So I've been a suuuuuuper slow eater since 2015 when I first started choking on almost everything I put into my mouth. I had to learn to chew my food to absolute mush or choke and end up in the hospital with them trying to give me medicine to relax my throat so that the food could go down naturally. By the time I had my surgery last year I was already used to taking an hour to two hours to eat a meal. Nothing really changed for me in that respect except that because I eat less sometimes it only takes me 45 minutes to eat. I just take a bite and chew it slowly and then wait about 30 seconds before taking another bite. Then I take another 30 seconds or more to chew so that it's around a minute in total between swallowing each bite so I'll know when I'm full before eating too much and feeling like I'm going to vomit (not gonna lie, I HAVE eaten a bit too fast a few times and it's not pleasant. I get nauseous for a good hour or two and feel uncomfortably full for around two hours. Considering I can count the number of times I've done this on both hands and still have fingers to spare... it's rare. Eight times in 14 months is really not too bad imo.) With protein you can either add in a pre-made 20 or 30g Protein shake (or clear protein) or two and then try to eat the rest in your diet. Or, you can buy protein powder and add it to your food or drinks. Fluid itself is a hard one. I get around 55-65 oz of fluid a day but early on it was a struggle for me to even get in the bare minimum my surgeon wanted of 48oz (half the time I was lucky if I could get in 32oz). The beginning is always the hardest. Trying to get into a routine that works for you, and getting used to a new way of eating. It's a lot to adjust to at once. Just do your best to meet your goals and if you don't then just try harder the next day. Eventually, you'll find a way to get there! (it worked for me, anyway)
  9. NovaLuna

    SIPS procedure coming up

    Actually, my surgeon said that statistically the weight loss is about the same. At least in the surgeries he's performed and he's been doing those two surgeries for many years before I had mine. Also, just be aware if you have the DS, Loop DS, or Gastric Bypass they don't warn you that you can develop food allergies. I mean, I know they said you can develop a food 'intolerance' but I literally developed a wheat allergy after my surgery. It shows up in my blood work and everything. I didn't have that allergy before my surgery according to my gatroenterologist. You can also develop Celiac Disease. They never warned me about that. I mean, I would have done the surgery anyway, but I really wish they would have warned me. Good luck with your upcoming surgery! Even with the wheat allergy I don't regret my surgery and am grateful every day that I made this choice for myself. Bright side of the wheat allergy is a lot of the foods I used to love I can't eat anymore because most of them contain wheat flour (which is in friggin' EVERYTHING because most flours... have wheat in them!) so I don't have to worry about straying off my diet because I literally can't eat that stuff or it'll make me sick... I see that as a plus and keeps me eating like I'm supposed to.
  10. NovaLuna

    How Long Did you have to wait for surgery

    Once I got approved it was 7 weeks. But, I also got my approval the last few days of November 2019 and everyone and their mother wanted to have their surgery in December so they had to schedule mine in January 2020. And the end of January at that! 🙄 For most I thinks it's about 3-4 weeks after approval. Because, you know, the 2 week pre-op diet that most bariatric surgeons require and all... Hope everything goes smoothly for you and you get your surgery soon!
  11. NovaLuna

    Doctors scale vs Home scale

    I totally understand the frustration. Every time I go to the doctor the scale (at minimum) makes me at least 5 pounds higher than my home scale. I went yesterday and it said I weighed 199. I about cried! My doctor has to remind me every time that their scale is 5-10 pounds off because she weighs herself on it every now and then and she's noticed that it does that even though it's supposed to recalibrate itself. She said it's always off by at least 5 pounds and everyone finds that frustrating, even her (she had weight loss surgery herself about 15 years ago. She's been able to keep her weight off even after having more kids after her surgery). It always frustrates me and I immediately weigh myself when I get home just to see how far off their scale was. I was 195 on my home scale with my clothes on so it was off by only 4 pounds (193 sans clothes because it was the afternoon and... it's also that time of the month so water weight is pissing me off. I had to check that too because I was paranoid I'd gained more water weight due to my stupid period).
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    I like pickles. I just don't eat them much. I don't think I had tried eating pickles until I was 6 or 7 months out... I had no issues with them.
  13. NovaLuna

    6 week Pre op liquid diet

    Six weeks?! That's crazy! I've never heard of a surgeon requiring a 6 week liquid diet! Generally it's just two weeks! I guess your surgeon is really testing your willpower to stick to it. Sorry you're struggling with it, but hey, you're a third of the way through already. Just try and focus on why you're doing it and your end goal whenever you feel yourself struggling. Hope the time passes quickly for you!
  14. NovaLuna

    NSAIDs and back pain

    I have two back injuries myself and so I was concerned about that as well, but I've had less pain. What pain I do have I just take tumeric for and it works just as well as Naproxen or Ibuprofen used to.
  15. It very much depends upon your surgeon. They all say different things. My surgery involves a sleeved stomach (just with added intestinal changes) and my surgeon doesn't allow rice (doesn't want us to ever eat it again because it swells and can potentially cause your stomach to stretch), they also don't want us to eat pasta (though I was told veggie pasta like chickpea or lentil pasta is fine in moderation), bread is off limits for six months, starches are off limits for six months (potatoes, beans, etc), they don't want us to drink alcohol ever again (but if you do they want you to wait a minimum of 1 year)... and that's all can remember off the top of my head other than no processed meats or other foods (which is a given).
  16. NovaLuna

    Stopped losing weight.

    A week is not bad at all. Stalls generally last 2-3 weeks. The fruit craving might actually be your body either wanting more fluid or you're craving sugar or carbs because fruit tends to be higher in both sugar and carbs. Fruit isn't a bad snack, but just be aware of how much of you're eating. If the stall lasts longer than you're comfortable with try consulting your nutritionist.
  17. I never really had that issue. Food was something I ate when I was hungry. Or bored. When I get upset I've always read, watched a show to distract myself, played a game, or wrote. I do all that on normal days too... food was never an emotional thing for me. I think that's mostly because when I did the bored eating thing I could eat a whole bag of chips or a whole bag of candy or 6 tacos in one sitting. I was always disgusted with myself afterwards. That's probably why it was never something I did to drown my sorrows, so to speak, because in the end I knew if I did that I'd just feel worse if I did. Personally, if you're struggling I would suggest maybe you try and find a hobby or something to distract yourself with. It always works for me. Not the best way to deal with your problems, admittedly, but since you can't really see a therapist right now, it's the best advice I can offer. Sorry if it's not much.
  18. NovaLuna

    Stopped losing weight.

    It depends on how long you've actually stalled. I've had TONS of stalls on my journey. My first one was at three months out and lasted 23 days. My body just had to adjust itself. It wasn't anything that I did wrong, it just had to 'catch up' so to speak. My last stall was in mid January and last 27 days up until mid February. I've lost 7 pounds in the five weeks since my weight loss picked back up. Like I said, stalls happen. Sometimes we just have to adjust what we eat slightly such as watching our sodium intake, our carbs, our fat intake, our calories, our sugar, etc. Sometimes it's nothing we're doing wrong. Think about your diet and if you feel something needs to change slightly then try it. Or, try and ride it out. It'll pass. Maybe call your nutritionist for advice (it's helped me a few times).
  19. NovaLuna


    For my multi's with iron (I take 1 a day) I take Bariatric Complete orange flavored (NEVER get berry flavored. It tastes like berry flavored dog food. The orange is like a stronger orange flinstone vitamin flavor wise) They are $19.99 on the site I buy them on and I always get an extra bottle for $15.00 and since shipping is $5 on that site the extra bottle essentially makes it seem like free shipping lol. They come in a bottle of 60 vitamins. For my multi's WITHOUT iron (I take two of these a day) I take Celebrate grape flavored and they are $46.15 on Amazon for 180 vitamins. For my Calcium Citrate I take Celebrate (the chewable tablet ones NOT the chewy ones) I have bought both the cherry tarte flavor and the berries and cream flavor and prefer the cherry tarte one because it tastes like a large sweetart (though I do plan on trying the orange burst flavored one as well and plan on ordering that when I order vitamins next). I've actually tried several different vitamin brands and these are just preferred (the Calcium for the price as it's $54.95 for 270 tablets on Amazon verses buying the chewy ones for thirty odd dollars and only getting 90 vitamins. It's the better deal to go for the Celebrate chewable tablets that I buy. And they actually taste good so...). I also buy ezmelts brand Vitamin A (it's strawberry flavored) and you get 60 vitamins for $17.99.
  20. I'm almost 14 months out with the Loop DS, but I developed a wheat allergy after surgery. Likely due to the malabsortion bit in my surgery (they don't mention that's a possibility when you're learning about the surgery, and that irritates me). Anyway, I went through a similar thing about only eating salad on the menu (minus croutons because wheat flour is in just about every damn bread in existence except gluten free) because everything else either had bread in it (which has wheat), was an egg dish (I DESPISE eggs), was fish (HATE fish, minus tuna which is the only fish I like), or a beef dish (I don't eat beef. haven't had it in 19 years and that's not changing). So my choices were salad, salad, or... salad. So every time I get asked to go out I say no. But yesterday we went out to a different restaurant and they had chicken marsala on the menu! There is only one other restaurant that we go to that has that and we rarely go there since they shut down for a while due to covid so finding another restaurant that has that option made me really damn happy. It was delicious. Chicken, mushrooms, marsala sauce, zucchini, squash, broccoli, and garlic potatoes. I only ate like a fourth of the plate but it was delicious and I had leftovers so... I'm glad I have at least one more restaurant I can actually go to and not get... salad 🙄
  21. NovaLuna


    The longest stall I had was 29 days. And then in the month following that I lost 10 pounds so... it made up for it. My most recent stall was 27 days and I've lost 7 pounds in the month following it. Stalls happen, but a two month stall means you may have hit maintenance. If you want to get your weight moving again you'll likely have to adjust what you eat. Cut your calories, carbs, fat intake, sodium, etc. until hopefully something works to kickstart it. Or call your nutritionist for advice on what to do with your diet to start your weight loss back up.
  22. NovaLuna

    Why am I hungry

    Here's something I learned along my journey... sometimes the 'hunger' you feel is actually thirst. Try drinking more and it might make it go away. It works for me about 70% of the time.
  23. NovaLuna

    High Abdobmen Fat

    I hate to say it, but my stomach was like the LAST place I started to lose weight. You don't lose weight evenly and can lose it in the strangest places. I literally lost my butt. No joke. I have absolutely no padding back there what-so-ever and sitting on anything not padded HURTS! Hell, even sitting on something padded sometimes hurts. I barely had a butt prior to surgery and what little I had just disappeared... pants don't fit quite the same when you have no butt to speak of. 😥
  24. I had the SADI-S/SIPS/Loop Duodenal Switch surgery almost 14 months ago now. I've had some of your symptoms, but not all: Diarrhea (maybe once a week?) Constipation (happens on occasion, but only been bad twice) Excessive foul smelling flatulence (yep. made worse by sugar alcohol. Avoid sugar alcohol's as much as you can) Severe Bloating (occasionally) Abdominal discomfort (the problem with this one is I have EOE so sometimes it's caused by that and not my surgery. I had issues with abdominal discomfort BEFORE my surgery with that) Pale coloured stools (nope) Steatorrhea (it happens. lessen your fat intake it gets a lot better. it did in my case, at least) Foul smelling stools (I think it just goes with the territory, but it's always worse when I consume sugar alcohols. Avoid them if you can) Nausea (rare occasions. Usually when I eat to fast or too much) weight fluctuation (yes, but that's due to me having hypothyroidism and not my surgery. According to my PCP and surgeon, anyway) Malabsorption (I KNEW I'd have this as they told me before my surgery that it was common to malabsorb vitamins. Especially ADEK vitamins. However, I only have issues with Vitamin A and have to take extra. I also, for some reason have issues with my potassium though I doubt that's caused by the malabsorption. I DID develop a wheat allergy though. My surgeon believes it developed due to the malabsorption because it can happen that way. My PCP and gastroenterologist aren't sure though and said there's a slight chance I already had it, but the surgery made the allergy worse. So not sure on that aspect. I was never tested for the allergy prior to surgery) I'm so sorry that you're going through all that and are miserable. I doubt anything I said really helped, but many of those issues are fairly common for the surgery, or so I've been told. I really hope things get better for you!
  25. All of this. I'm very proud of how far I've come, relieved that I don't get gawked at when I go out in public now (when I was almost 400 pounds people would stare. I hated that), and being able to fit in something that I buy off the rack without having to actually try it on and it looking GOOD! (that was rare before my weight loss. I'd try on a dozen things and be lucky if I like even one of those dozen things. Now everything fits and my problem is deciding what I want and since I'm still losing to try to not buy too much because I'm likely to go down at least 1 or 2 more sizes. I figure with the way my clothes are fitting right now if I lose another 5 pounds I'll be in a different pants size and another 10 for a different shirt size)