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    Best broth?

    Hello .... I am cleared but waiting on my surgery date. Just looking for recommendations for the good broths during the two week pre op diet. I have to do two weeks, full liquid (protein shakes and SF jello/popsicles only). I am seriously dreading this. Any recommendations for savory broths? TIA.
  2. Hello … just wanting to ask the group …. What are you averaging for daily calories post op? I am about one month out from RNY and I eat about 750 calories a day. Four small “soft food” meals. This is keeping me well satisfied with no tolerance issues, but I am falling a bit short of 65g of protein a day. I read different articles that suggest a range of 500-900 … I vacillate between thinking I am doing good, and then I get scared that 750 per day is too much. I am not overeating but I can eat about 2-3 oz. at a time. Please share your experiences. Thank you!
  3. Hello … 10 days post op for RNY and I am still in my two week post op liquids phase. The protein shakes are making me gag and I found two things that help get around it. First, I discovered bariatric high protein soup . You can find it on Amazon or Bariatric Pal. I also discovered I can tolerate PB Fit , made kind of runny. These things have drastically improved my post op liquid phase life. I still choke down a protein shake in the morning, but in the evening instead of a gross second shake I have my high protein soup . Amen!!
  4. Post op day 5 here (RNY 12/23) and doing well. This morning I felt a noticeable subsidence in abdominal pain. Still tired but having an easier time getting my liquids in. I can drink a little more normally now. Maybe the swelling from the surgery itself is subsiding. Also the surgery gas seems to be mostly resolved. I am doing ok in this two week liquids phase. But am looking very forward to phase 3!
  5. Bypass 12/23. I can’t say I am feeling “great” yet but all things considered I am doing pretty good. Better than my hysterectomy on post op day 3. I switched to only Tylenol today for pain control and it is working to keep me fairly comfortable. My abdomen is sore for sure and this belly band has been a life saver. I am tolerating liquids fine. Problem is getting enough in to stay hydrated. Two post op issues are constant cough/post nasal drip and constipation. Coughing hurts the belly for sure! Hope it goes away soon.
  6. I agree it would be good to start a new thread about recovery. I will say that the first day post op the gas pains were unreal …. I felt like that purple girl in the Willy Wonka movie !! I felt like I was going to pop or injure my internal stitching. I took some gas x and it helped move all that surgery gas through. If anyone suffering from surgery has pain , try extra strength gas x.
  7. Thanks guys. My program says no caffeine for 30 days post op. Plus I am struggling to get in sufficient water and protein shake … thus I am afraid to add coffee at this point. It feels like my stomach is thimble size!
  8. Merry Christmas! I am two days post op (RNY 12/23) and I want to share my experience so far. The Good : I tolerated water right away after surgery and the next day I tolerated protein shake without any issues . The sipping is VERY slow going as I feel Like my new stomach is the size of a thimble! Also, I do not have internal visceral pain like I did with my hysterectomy. The Bad: the incisional pain is rough. I had a five hour car ride home from the hospital the day after my surgery and it was torture . I felt every roll and bump. Thank god I had a belly band. Get one of these from the hospital before you leave. The Ugly: caffeine withdrawal!! Omg . I did not have to give it up until surgery and wow. The headaches are intense. So my fellow coffee drinkers out there - beware.
  9. Good luck to you guys! I am scheduled for 12/23. Closing out day 11 of the preop liquid diet. I am still doing ok. Managing the hunger pretty well. I am starting to feel a little run down though. Ready to get to the next step. God luck with your surgeries on Tuesday!
  10. Folks - I just want to send a small positive vibe out into the universe - I am on day 5 of my liquid pre op diet and I have to say, I feel decent and honestly this is not *that* bad. I swear! I was massively dreading this. I was worried I would be nonstop hungry for two weeks and angry at the world. However, I got into a routine of shake - broth - jello/popsicle that seems to be working to manage the hunger. Am I hungry? Yes. Is it constant? No. (Could I eat any solid form of food right now? Yes. Will I? No.) I "eat" 4 times a day: breakfast, lunch, "happy hour" (oh the irony), and dinner. I have a shake at each meal and broth and/or jello. I have tried many broths and I honestly prefer the old fashioned boullion cubes or ramen noodle broth packet over anything fancy like bone broth. I am having 800-900 calories a day and I am not face down in the bed like I thought I would be. I even adulted at work today. 😂 Just want to send this note because the two week liquid preop was looming so large in my mind before I actually started doing it. Like many things, the dread was worse than just doing the dreaded thing.
  11. Dec 23. Excited and nervous. Handling pre op liquid phase pretty well but I have to say I am sick of jello!
  12. So...I am on day 3 of my liquid pre op diet (surgery 12/23). And I swear those slim fast shakes are causing me stomach pain and bloating. I thought I would be hungry all the time, but no my stomach feels bloated. Anyone else experience this? As for the hunger factor, its not as bad as I dreaded. I am allowed to have 4 shakes a day, broth, SF jello and SF popsicles. So far I am doing okay. Aside from the bloating...maybe that is helping to keep the hunger at bay! Any thoughts/experience appreciated.
  13. They also allow Atkins advantage, SF Carnation Instant Breakfast, or Glucose Controlled Boost. They told me to pick one kind and stick with it...but ugh! Maybe it's the soy in Slim Fast. I have always had a hard time with soy. I may try another brand for a day and see if it helps. All this SF stuff is blech.
  14. ladygodiva

    Liquid diet

    I start my two week liquid diet Thursday; surgery date 12/23. I am dreading this!! I hope you are doing better.
  15. ladygodiva

    Cleveland Clinic - Dr. Feng

    Thank you! I am meeting the surgeon for the first time Tuesday. Hopefully this will allay my anxiety.
  16. Hello - has anyone had surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, specifically with Dr. Xiaoxi Feng? I was just switched to her as my surgeon, and I am curious if anyone can comment on their experience. Surgery date 12/23. Nervous as all get out. Thanks!
  17. ladygodiva

    On my 2 week pre op liquid diet

    I am still in the "jumping hurdles" phase in an effort to get cleared for RNY. But I admit that I am TERRIFIED of the pre-op two week liquid diet. Since some programs require it and some don't, it honestly feels like a form of hazing to me. Like, I must "prove" that I am worthy of this surgery by torturing myself for two weeks. Moreover, the psychologist in my program told me flat out that my surgeon would not know if I get desperate and eat something small, like an apple, during my pre op diet. ?? How can surgeons know if your liver shrank during this phase if they have never seen it before the surgery? Doesn't make sense to me. Advice appreciated; thank you.
  18. Thanks all. This is helpful! I appreciate your thoughtful responses.
  19. Hello all - new here. I just had my initial consults at the Cleveland Clinic and I am excited/terrified about the gastric bypass procedure. I am not scheduled yet but in the process of getting approved. I have a few questions for the veterans out there: 1) Post bypass, will my remnant stomach growl or ever get hungry?! The docs could not answer this question. And 2) Post surgery, can I ever eat a little pasta ever again? I am anticipating grieving over some of my favorite foods and pasta tops my list. Can I no longer eat carbs at all? Thanks in advance, folks. I have a lot of anxiety over having my digestive system replumbed and am worried about malnutrition. 🤓

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