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  1. toodlerue

    Struggling with liquids and food

    Did your doc give you any anti nausea meds? Give him a call & see what he recommends.
  2. toodlerue

    Feeling so depressed

    I’m so sorry. I can Understand how frustrated you are. That was wrong and rude of your nut to cancel your appointment right before your appointment. Is there anyway you can do a video appointment with them?
  3. toodlerue

    Peanut butter

    I haven’t heard of that happening & it didn’t happen to me.
  4. toodlerue

    Has pain in my back and stomach

    They say walking helps to get the gas out. The pain in my shoulder lasted 3 weeks! It was horrible!
  5. toodlerue

    Co morbidity

    I got approved with a BMI of 33 for medical reasons. A previous surgery to fix a hiatal hernia failed after 12 years. My esophagus was in an L shape & half of my stomach was above my diaphragm. Food was getting stuck 5-6 times a week. Because of my circumstances I didn't have to do any of the prerequisites & my doc was a Thorasic doc & not a Bariatric doc & he told me to get all my info from the internet.
  6. toodlerue

    Puree food ideas plz...

    I puréed food that I made for the family. Roast, chicken, carrots. I used the juice from cooking them. They were really good. Much better then baby food! I also made my own applesauce. Pealed an Apple, chopped it up and simmered it with some water & cinnamon. No need to add any sugar. I portioned them up in small containers & put them in the freezer. You also can add unflavored protein powder to anything you purée.
  7. toodlerue

    Bloating after meals?

    Same thing happens to me. I don’t know what it is. I don’t get it. How does it happen if my stomach is the size of a shot glass?
  8. Drink a little bit of Coke. That’s what the ER will most likely have you do. I kept small bottles on hand for this reason.
  9. toodlerue


    It’s because the font or symbol the posting person is using on their phone or computer is not translating to your phone or computer.
  10. toodlerue

    Bad taste in mouth

    I thought it was from not eating food with any substance in the 1st couple of months. As I added more food choices that required more chewing I noticed that it went away.
  11. toodlerue

    Stinky Pee

    Are you drinking a bunch of water? It could smell because you are dehydrated.
  12. toodlerue

    September 16th at 5:45

    Good luck. I pray that everything goes smoothly & there will be no complications.
  13. toodlerue

    Pain management medications

    Oh great I take 4mg of zanaflex almost every night.
  14. toodlerue

    waist training after gastric bypass

    How hot are they to wear? I just can’t imagine wearing one in the summer. I can’t even imagine wearing on in the winter time in Phoenix!
  15. toodlerue

    Pain management medications

    I am work with a pain management also. Directly after my surgery I had liquid Norco prescribed my my Surgon. After my 6week follow up he turned me back over to my pain management doc. I take tablet form pain & muscle relaxers now.
  16. toodlerue

    Vitamin Struggle!!

    I use the PatchMD patches. I take way too many other pills. The patches are so easy!
  17. toodlerue

    Do I really regret it?

    I felt the same way. What the heck did I do to myself? Give it time, it will get better.
  18. toodlerue

    New here!!! 8 years out!!!

    Welcome back to life!
  19. toodlerue


    I took a lot of gasX, Dramamine (25mg meclizine) & a few pain pills for the 1st 2-3 months. And regretted even having the surgery. My daughter said I made it look so easy. I was just hiding it.
  20. I wonder the same thing.
  21. toodlerue

    Premier protein shakes

    So what are the ones that are better? I’ve been drinking Premier for the last 1.5 years!
  22. toodlerue

    No longer "obese"!!!

    Congrats! Such a big accomplishment!
  23. toodlerue

    Anyone use a CPAP machine?

    I have used one for over 12 years! I wear It so my husband doesn’t hit me during the night! Hahaha I too wake up feeling like it is going to blow off my face & with a very dry mouth. I had A home study test the beginning of the year I had the lowest number of episodes a person can have to have apnea! The doctor lowered my pressure & it was still happening. So I GOOGLED HOW TO CHANGE THE PRESSURE on my machine & DID IT MYSELF! I just took it down from a 5 to 4.5 & it is much better now.
  24. toodlerue

    On Q Pain system?

    I had a pain pump. But I don’t think it was an On-Q.
  25. toodlerue

    Dumping question

    It all depends on you! I can have a limited amount of sugar without dumping. Then I over do it & feel terrible for about 15 min. Sometimes I have just 2 bites of a cookie & then throw it away.