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    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Yes, you need to take vitamins after surgery. Taking vitamins isn’t a bad idea for most people. I use the PatchMD ones. I take enough pills as it is & I don’t want to take anymore orally. My daughter takes the BariatricPal ones. Others take chewable children’s vitamins (I couldn’t stand those & a kid). I had a RNY because I had previous surgery to fix a hiatal hernia that had failed & it was causing me a great deal of acid reflux again. Talk with your doctor to pick the best surgery for you!
  2. toodlerue

    The stomach left behind...

    Thanks a lot! Now I can't stop thinking about it 😹 IDK, but I sure hope someone can answer this for us!
  3. toodlerue

    Postoperative multivitamins

    Wow! $105 for a year is a great price! I personally use the PatchMD multi. I already take so many pills a day so that’s why I love the patches. I am almost 3 years out. I have my vitamin levels check each year & everything has always been good! They are about $23 a month with shipping but worth it for me.
  4. toodlerue

    Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Hi Elaine, welcome. The doctor is just gonna talk with you about your weight, your dieting history, what the surgery is like, what to expect from the surgery & help you decide which surgery is right for you. If you have acid reflux at all you should have a RNY. From what I’ve seen in the boards, your age isn’t a concern at all. Toodles, Rue
  5. toodlerue

    Letter...Cigna is tripping

    I had surgery because of medical reasons not related to a high BMI & my daughter had surgery because she had a high BMI. Neither of us had any problems with Cigna as long as we did what they wanted us to do. That was in 2018. I have found that some coverage for other things has changed since 2121 started so who really knows.
  6. toodlerue

    Food is disgusting

    What about broth? Just keep the foods simple & more liquid then solid. Talk with a nutritionist & see if they have any ideas for you.
  7. toodlerue

    Stomach Stapling from 1982!

    I have never heard of anything like this happening before. I do think that you need to get yourself to a Gastro doc ASAP. Make them listed & so a scope!
  8. toodlerue

    Gaining weight

    How much protein are you getting? You should be focusing of getting all of your protein in right now.
  9. toodlerue

    Nauseous and frustrated.

    This is going to sound really weird but try eating a spoonful of raw oatmeal. I’m over 2 1/2 years out & I get nauseas quite frequently. I buy Meclizine by the bottle from Amazon to carry with me if I’m not at home. Sometimes I’m so nauseous that I take both! I hope you find something!
  10. toodlerue


    I’m sorry you are having period problems. They do suck. Like everyone has said, go see a Gyno they know more about women’s body parts then a Baritric surgeon does. It could be something that isn’t related to your surgery at all. You are probably have low iron too from all of your bleeding. please let us know what your Gyno finds out.
  11. toodlerue

    Fast Metabolism Diet

    So far so good. For 2 days you eat fruit, veggies, grains & protein. Then protein & veggies for 2 days (that’s the hardest). Then fruit, veggies, grains, protein & healthy fats for 3 days. There is just a lot of food to eat! Then you start all over again the next week. It’s really clean eating & I have not had as much pain in my hips as usual!!! So that’s a huge positive for me!
  12. toodlerue

    Fast Metabolism Diet

    Anyone do the Fast Metabolism Diet to take off regain? How did you handle eating all of the required food? We’re you hungry all of the time & how did you handle that? We (making hubs do it with me too since I’m the one that does all the cooking) are starting our 2nd week today but I am just now realizing how much food a person needs to eat on it!
  13. toodlerue

    Frustrated with insurance

    Sorry insurance is being such a butt head!!! They can be so frustrating! Hang in there, it will happen.
  14. toodlerue

    Difficulty with vomiting

    You need to contact your surgeon. Didn’t they give you anything for nausea? You should not be throwing up so soon after surgery because you will get dehydrated & YOU CAN RIP YOUR INCISIONS! I was told to do everything that i can so that I don’t throw up for at least a year!
  15. toodlerue

    EGD Monday

    Doesn't take long at all.
  16. toodlerue

    Losing control (sadness over major loss)

    I'm so, so sorry for your loss. That has got to be really hard. People seem to really only think about what the mother of the child is going through. The rest of the family goes thought devastating greif & loss too. Please find someone to talk to or a support group to help you get throught this.
  17. toodlerue

    Feel Amazing almost 6 months out!

    Wow! Your backside looks amazing 😂🤩😉
  18. toodlerue

    Anyone else?

    SO SORRY! I meant Meclizine (Dramamine).
  19. toodlerue

    Anyone else?

    I’m over 2 years out & carry meloxicam with me all the time. I have to take at least 4 times a week. I buy it on Amazon.
  20. toodlerue


    This is something you should talk to your doctor about. As a nursing couple you need a certain amount of quality calories to maintain breast feeding if you want to continue it. There are also some meds you can take that are safe for the baby that can increase your milk production. You could also seek out the help of a lactation consultant One helped me tremendously! I wish you the best of luck with continued breast feeding if that’s what you want to do. My youngest & I were a nursing couple for 28 months & it was amazing to provide so much of the “good stuff” for so long.
  21. toodlerue

    Nausea every time so eat

    I took meclizine (Dramamine) for almost a year out from my RNY. I am 2.5 years out now & I carry it in my purse & have to take some at least once a week. I buy it by the bottle in Amazon. I sometimes still have 2 protein drinks a day. It’s just easier & then I’m not eating crappy food either. If I’m going somewhere around lunch time I take one with me in a lunch box.
  22. Have you seen an internist or a naturopath?
  23. toodlerue

    What to bring to the hospital?

    I wear the same thing home that I wore to the hospital. You won’t be in them for very long either day. Your own pillow. You may need it in the car on the way home to hold against your tummy if the roads are bumpy. And what everyone else said.
  24. toodlerue

    Too much weight losd

    I have been using PatchMD vitamins. My vitamin levels have been fine.
  25. toodlerue

    Food stuck?

    I used to before I had a RNY. I always kept a can of Coke in the fridge to take a couple of swallows to help the food go down. At a restaurant I would always order a Coke just incase. If would be miserable if I waited until it happened & I asked the server to bring me one.