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    If the kids don’t care about traditional Thanksgiving Day food get food from your favorite restaurant or make a special meal. Play some silly games. Go to the movies. Just make some memories together. I too am dealing with an empty nest this year. My youngest moved 1100 miles away 2 months ago! My husband is working 6 12 hour days a week right now. It’s just me & the dogs home all day long!
  2. toodlerue

    Anyone have surgery with a Nutcracker Esophagus?

    I had to Google the hospital because I have never heard of that one and I’ve lived in Phoenix since 1967. Good Sam is a good hospital but I didn’t know they did gastric bypass there. Good luck to you!
  3. toodlerue

    Anyone have surgery with a Nutcracker Esophagus?

    Never heard of that before. Who is your surgeon in Phoenix? What hospital will you be at. Asking because my daughter & I have both had a RNY but with dr in the Phoenix area.
  4. toodlerue

    Bariatric Advantage HPMR

    Is this what your doc recommended to use? I have never heard of it before. I think most of us just used broths, juices or a protein shake.
  5. toodlerue

    How long does pain last?

    Where is the pain at? Is it the pain in your left shoulder? That’s pain from the gas they use to blow your abdomen up. That pain depends on how well your surgeon is at getting all the gas out. Mine lasted 3 weeks & it was bad! My daughter had a different surgeon as did have any pain! Heat & a tens unit helped me through it.
  6. toodlerue

    One week before surgery

    I loved reading your story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Food is always gonna be a struggle, surgery just helps you get to your goal faster. Just like an alcoholic has to remain sober. Obesity is a disease. Please follow all of the guidelines that your surgeon gives you!!! I wish I would have never let sugar & alcohol back into my life. I am struggling so much right now. Best of luck to you.
  7. toodlerue

    How Soon Until You Can Exercise?

    Usually 6 weeks. Just like any other major surgery!
  8. toodlerue


    I do Pilates 5 days a week. I can’t go on walks because of hip problems. I wish I could!
  9. toodlerue

    Dilated jejunal loops?

    I Googled that & Google didn’t even really know! It’s not just the pain from the gas that is used to inflate the abdomen during surgery? Mine hurt for 3 weeks! I always have trouble with that! Hope they figure it out for you!
  10. toodlerue

    Dilated jejunal loops?

    Why did you have this test? What surgery did you have & when? I think something is wrong with me so Im curious about you!
  11. Maybe your pouch just isn’t ready for that stage. Or maybe your pouch doesn’t like the brand of protein you are giving it. It’s. Ok to stay in stage 3 for a little bit longer.
  12. Maybe your pouch just isn’t ready for that stage. Or maybe your pouch doesn’t like the brand of protein you are giving it. It’s. Ok to stay in stage 3 for a little bit longer.
  13. toodlerue


    What foods are you cleared to eat at one month out?
  14. toodlerue

    Any one take Gabapentin?

    I take 300mg in the morning & 600mg at night. I had surgery over 2 years ago. I have been on Gabapentin for about 7 years. At one time I took 1800 mg a day. I take so many different prescriptions it’s hard to pin my nausea on any of them. I just take 1-2 meclizine a day.
  15. toodlerue

    Endoscopy Monday

    Wow! That’s crazy. I have had several & never woke up!
  16. Dust yourself off. Just don’t do it again. Continue to weigh your food so you don’t over eat.
  17. toodlerue

    Food focus

    I know exactly how you feel! I have taken up drinking way to much during this time! I keep telling myself I’m not gonna buy anymore & then I buy some more! I have put on 30 lbs & I’m not happy with myself at all!
  18. How wonderful!!!!
  19. It is more then likely the gas that was blown into your abdomen during the surgery. Mine lasted 3 weeks! It just depends on how well your doctor is a getting it out before they close you back up. Heat & walking should help.
  20. Been there & felt the same way! You have just sent your body into shock! It will get better. The dizziness could be from being dehydrated. It is super hard to get in all the protein & water in the 1st couple of weeks. It might take you most of the day to get a whole protein shake down. But in a few days it will be better. Your stomach is still swollen & mad at you. Give it some more time!
  21. My i insurance Cigna has a dietitian & a RN call me every week or so to check on me I received so much help from them. See if your insurance has something like that! My bypass was for medical purposes only. I had a high BMI for my height (36%). Half of my stomach was above my diaphragm. Since my doctor was a Thorasic surgon (and the leading lung replacement doc in my state). The only direction I got from him was to get all my info from the internet! I didn't have any insurance hoops to jump through although it was pretty easy for my daughter to get approval.
  22. toodlerue

    What to pack for the hospital

    Chapstick, pillow, slippers or sandals, phone charger, toiletries You can wear the same clothes home that you wore to the hospital.
  23. toodlerue


    Ohmyword! That is crazy. That surgon better have a good explication for cutting you open like that!
  24. Not to scare you but my gas pains in my left shoulder lasted for 3 weeks! Pain pills didn’t really help. Heat helped a lot. My daughter hardly had any pain. It’s all in the technique your surgon uses to remove the gas. My surgeon wasn’t very good at. My daughter’s was good at it.
  25. toodlerue

    Work after Surgery

    I dont think you will be up for it. You are going to be in pain. You are going to be tired the 1st few weeks. You probably won’t be cleared to drive yet.