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    How 😎
  2. toodlerue


    Then start slowly, just a couple of bites! My Dr gave me NO DIRECTIONS WHAT SO EVER! Mine has all been my trial & dump😹
  3. toodlerue


    What does your plan say?
  4. toodlerue


    The 1st couple of months are the hardest thing you will ever do in your life!!!! You have sent your body into shock! Hormones are dumping into your system like crazy! Your hair will be falling out! Your skin won’t know if if should be oily or dry! Your body is going on the wildest ride of it’s life, it’s crazier then childbirth! But in 6 months I want you to come back and tell us how you feel! You will have more energy then you know what to do with! You will be excited because the clothes in your closet will be falling off of you! You will be shopping in a whole different area of the store! You will have to get a ring guard so your rings don’t fall off of you! You will be able to shave your legs & paint your toenails and tie your shoes! You won’t feel uncomfortable exercising! The world is gonna open up & you will forget how awful the 1st couple of months were! You gotta trust all the reasons you ever thought of having the surgery in the 1st place.
  5. toodlerue

    No dumping?

    Dumping is random for me. Sometimes I can have a small bowl of cereal with almond milk & sometimes I can’t 😞 I never know what it is going to be. A surgeon told me that eating small amounts of sugar trains the part of your intestines to accept the sugar over time & after years of this the sugar won’t bother you anymore & you can go right back to eating how you did before. I’m 4 years out & the almond mike made me dump just the other night.
  6. toodlerue

    Dinner party on soft foods

    Call ahead to see if you can have some soup if it’s on the menu or eat the cheese as sauce from the lasagna.
  7. toodlerue

    Needing help

    The 1st couple of weeks can be really hard. Your body just went through a great big shock! It will be easier I promise! Between prescriptions & supplements I take an lot of pills. I use the patchMD vitamins. They might cost a little but for me not having to swallow one more big pill pie worth or & my labs have always been great. I take a multil, B12 & a D. I think it’s the bypass set. Things will get better I promise!
  8. toodlerue

    Only here will understand

    YEAH! Weighing the same as your driver's license is such a great NSV (non scale victory)! When I was asked my weight at a doctors office (the ones that don't weight you) or for an activity like riding a horse I used to say "Do you want my real weight or my driver's license weight?" I always have to be the smart ass!
  9. toodlerue

    Fainting 3 weeks Post Op

    Try add an electrolyte water like Drip Drops or Liquid IV until you get into your doctor.
  10. toodlerue

    Slow weightloss

    What is your protein intake? That is more important then your calorie intake right now.
  11. toodlerue

    gastric bypass for reflux

    YES! I had a RYN for the same reason over 4 years ago. I had zero insurance hoops to go through. My surgeon is the leading lung replacement doc in my state. He told me to get all of my info from the internet!!!! He didn’t have me do any kind of pre-op diet, I did that on my own. I also had to push him to order a colon prep kit to clean me out the day before. I was approved in less then 3 months! What helped me a lot was a nutritionist provided by my insurance company (Cigna). I spoke with her several times before & a whole lot after. I have found this forum & some FB groups very helpful. I also read a couple of book just so I could get info from one source instead of an overload of internet stuff to find my way through. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  12. Anyone have a surgeon in west Phoenix that they love? My daughter’s doc, even thought I really liked him is in Gilbert (over an hour away) & my friend doesn’t like her doctor in Glendale. I had a RNY over 4 years ago & need someone for follow up because I am having horrible problems with nausea. I had surgery for medical problems not related to obesity. My surgon isn't a bariatric doc & told me to get all of my info from the internet 🙄 I don’t think he realizes how much different info is available on the internet! Any names would be helpful! TIA
  13. toodlerue


    Potatoes is one thing that is very easy to over eat once you get farther out!
  14. toodlerue

    4 years & nauseous

    I didn’t even think about an ENT, but I am hopefully seeing mine tomorrow to do a balloon sinuplasty (still waiting for insurance approval for that😾). I’m not having any vertigo issues at this time & I know all about vertigo!!!
  15. I had a RNY over 4 years ago. For the last 6 months I have been very nauseous most days. Somedays I can’t do much. It’s not anyone thing like the smell of food or what I eat. I have been to my PCP, a Gastrologist & a naturopath. No one can figure anything out. I have had a barium swallow test & an EDG. Everything looks normal. I’m not comfortable going back to my surgeon because he’s not a bariatric surgeon. I had the surgery for medical reasons not related to obesity. He told me to get all my info from the internet. I don’t think he knows how much different info is on the internet for gastric bypass! Has this happened to anyone else? If so what was wrong & did you do?
  16. toodlerue

    Things I learned today…

    Doing all of that meal prep is her personality not necessarily how never been fat in my life people so things.
  17. toodlerue

    What to Pack for hospital?

    You really don’t need to take much. I always wear the same outfit home that I wore to the hospital. You aren’t gonna be in them for very long the day of your surgery. Chapstick, phone charger, toothbrush & toothpaste, brush or comb, your own pillow, slip on sandals or shoes & a maybe a robe You really aren’t gonna feel like even reading & your probably only going to be there for 2 nights at the most. Good luck! It is an exciting time! Don’t forget to take some before pictures!
  18. toodlerue

    BMI below 30!

    That is so exciting!
  19. toodlerue

    From Lapband to RNY Gastric Bypass - I did it !!

    Cheers to healthier years!
  20. I had a vasovagal syncope episode last summer & broke my ankle on the way down! I was in the handicap stall in a bathroom at a restaurant so I’m lucky it was only my ankle. I could of hit my head on the toilet or the tile! My daughter has also had one & she has had a bypass also. But looking back I have had them before. I think it’s related to my iron & farrin being low. I do have a history of anemia. I have been working with a naturopath who has me taking RBC Support Iron Extra & Ferrofood instead of iron pills. You can buy them both on Amazon. I’m not as tired as I used to be & my blood work is looking better.
  21. toodlerue


    I have allergies my whole life, I’m allergic to everything that grows. I have never coughed or gagged because of them just a whole lot of sneezing! I think it’s something else. Was it your PCP or you bariatric doc you talked to?
  22. toodlerue

    Something positive

    That’s wonderful!
  23. toodlerue

    How much food do you eat after

    I’m 4 years out. At home I still weigh my food. At dinner I eat around 1-1.5oz veggies & the rest is protein. The whole meal is 3 -3.5 oz. If I eat more then that I get too full & I’m uncomfortable for a while. When we eat out I eat a little less then 1/2 of the meal, my husband & I usually share an entry. If I’m eating out with a friend I ask if I can order something on the kid’s menu. At about 1.5 years out I started eating over 4 oz & I put back on 30 pounds! I used The Fast Metabolism Diet & I did great & I actually got to my goal weight!
  24. toodlerue

    Bypass Tomorrow!!!

    Good luck tomorrow!
  25. toodlerue

    How people around us eat

    My husband maxes me order a glass of water when 1st give our food. It saves time by not arguing with the waiter that I don’t really need something to eat.

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