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    I was 56 when I had my sleeve done. I knew I was not a bikini person and there did not seem to be enough loose skin that clothing could not disguise but my chubby cheeks were gone, leaving flabby pockets, and I had jowls. I had a face and neck lift 15 months after my sleeve and I was so happy with the results, still am. My surgeon said I had so much loose skin mid-face it covered my ears on both sides of my head before he removed it. So worth it not to look like a Shar-Pei.
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    Hello, I am new to this forum but I really need to warn others. I am 5 years post op from the sleeve surgery and am MISERABLE! I have also had 4 more surgeries to fix a hiatal hernia at the esophagus and stomach as well as pouches that were formed by the surgery. I have not been able to eat normally since the surgery and by normally I mean the way you are suppose to after VSG. I haven't been able to drink water without pain. My SW was 245 and now I am at 184 and losing since my most recent surgery. The recent surgery was to fix the hiatal hernia again. I was told it was a "new" way of fixing the hernia, nothing more was told to me. My pancreas was also removed at the same time. My surgery was called a Nissen Fundoplication, its pretty complicated. They use of the stomach to be wrapped around the esophagus so it won't go up into that area again. From the beginning I have had GERD very bad, it was so bad I was on 2 different medications as well as over the counter antacids so that is why the Nissen Fundoplication. It has been horrible this 5 year journey. I am getting all of my records together for a second opinion and to possibly have a revision to the RNY. This surgery was the biggest regret of my life. My life has suffered more and my relationship has also been hurt by this. I am always so tired and sick, and my husband is worried about losing me. I have also been just left to flounder. I have had numerous swallow tests and load of medications but NOTHING allows me to drink a nice glass of water, albeit a sip at a time, without pain. So in one word "YES" i regret everything about this surgery. Heather
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    Day 3 Post Sadi-S

    @STLoser, I honestly don't even take as many vitamins as recommended, nor do I eat as much protein as recommended. I have done so much research and have learned so much after having this surgery, I was told that I would never really be able to eat many veggies, that was bull, I eat more veggies than anything and I suppose that might be the reason that I can get away with taking a bariatric vitamin every other day as opposed to 3 every single day. My labs/blood work always comes back as normal. My only issue is that I am anemic so I do have to,take more iron than most people do. It wasn't the surgery though, I have always been anemic off and on for as long as I can remember. By the way, I am not promoting not following doctors orders, especially since every doctor has different instructions for their clients. I have learned that there really needs to be more research about these types of surgeries. I know that the moto is protein first, but I have learned that animal protein is horrible for humans to consume from a health perspective and it is not necessary. So many veggies, beans, pasta made out of beans and legumes have so much protein. I do have to say that my taste buds and tolerance of certain foods changes continuously. Many food choices are trial and error. Even the vitamins, for me I would say, has been trial and error. I am glad to find others that have had the surgery, it seems to be rare. I opted for this surgery because it gives a person a better chance at sustaining ones weight-loss. What made you go for this particular surgery?
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    Thanks for sharing. My excess skin was due to being morbid obese for 30+ years
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    Hey-anyone out there wanna share their post op progress? I had mine July 14 and am down about 8.5 lbs.
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    August surgery

    That is quite possible especially if you had sugar issues. I would wait at least 90 days as long as nothing major before going to an eye doctor for new glasses. If it seems to be a bigger issue definitely get that checked out. I know my moms glasses needs changed greatly after surgery Eddy Blaine Brown II
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    Hi I was sleeved 7/29, I find that watering down everything helps, walking a lot, and using gas x has helped me be able to drink more full liquids
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    It's sad because he peppers in some good info here and there, but it's so ensconced in perpetual navel gazing that it gets lost. Reading the stuff he's posted about women though, plus the narcissism, reminds me of the kind of writing you see from incels, which is concerning.
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    Alcohol 😳

    The issue for people post surgery is addiction transfer & alcohol is an easy transfer from food. I enjoyed a glass of something (wine, gin, scotch) every night pre surgery but since my surgery I probably have a glass less than once a month. And then I rarely finish it. I also found that my taste buds have changed & a lot of alcohol tastes too sweet & just plain blah! Have to admit I don’t really miss it. If I do have something to drink it’s gin & tonic. I drink it very slowly - an hour + for a low ball. Most of the bubbles dissipate quickly which helps with the carbonation issue. A couple of things to consider: The carbonation fills you quickly & causes issues like discomfort. If you’re drinking, you’re not eating. Alcohol will dehydrate you. Alcohol has no nutritional value.
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    Revision completed

    Had the revision done at 7 30 am this morning weighing in at 180 my original goal weight. The first 12 hours were horrible. This was a very painful surgery for me and I don't know if it was because they also took the hernia I had. ( I believe they said they took it and not fixed it but I am still on the drugs. ) I have been given morphine to start with then they switched me to dillata because the morphine wasn't cutting it. I am back on liquid hydro now. I wasn't able to urinate either for the first several hours and I am still having a hard time with it. I have been crying through most of the day. Pain, anxiety and lack of sleep have been my companions as they are still not letting visitors in. I cant tell if I still have GERD . The gas pain has been in my neck and shoulders it sucks. I did 3 laps around the ward at 1 am to see if it would help because I thought I had read it helps with the gas. Well I will keep updating my progress here. Good night