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  1. Like weight loss before and after photos but of your new diet ! I'm especially interested in before and after meal photos (take a pic at the point you feel restriction) but it can be of recipe substitutions, your refrigerator/pantry/shopping cart/etc VSG2017 HW 249 SW 238 CW 167
  2. GreenTealael

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆No Stress November🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 It's time to clean up diets/lifestyle/habits again so lets focus completely on going back to basics! No EXERCISE component!!! And add in a little gratitude component while we are at it Join in and enjoy motivation to reach your personal goals. Participate often, post daily, enjoy the conversations, ask questions, upload random pics and quotes, avoid foods on the *no go* list Start by: 1. Posting your personal goal 2. Add your surgery type, status (pre/post op, losing/maintenance) 3. Weight and BMI (not necessary but encouraged) 4. Tell us what you are grateful according to the day 🌟🕒🕒OFFICIALLY begins November 1, 2019🕒🕒🌟
  3. GreenTealael

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    I don't see it anywhere either
  4. GreenTealael

    Screwed Today = 1st Thanksgiving -

    😔 awwww such a shame, this could have been your time to shine and make adjustments to the menu that both you and everyone else could enjoy Next time Next time 💙 and I highly doubt the Native Americans that encountered the Pilgrims cared a lot about carb ratios but nice try...
  5. GreenTealael

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Oh... I saw that premier actual have a pumpkin flavor shake now on their website
  6. GreenTealael

    2 Months Post Op!

    Consistency is crucial ! Congratulations so far💙
  7. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    Its about the victory and spoils... No one needs anything on Black Friday thats not there the previous Tuesday
  8. You could try to: *Nurse a cup of water or tea *Order the soup/vegetable of the day *Ask if you can order off menu (maybe call ahead) *Bring your own mug with broth/bullion cubes (tacky but effective- say you feel like you have a cold is coming on) *Be upfront about your eating restrictions (hardest and easiest) Good Luck 💙
  9. GreenTealael

    Pre-op cheating??

    Go hardcore your final 4 preop days and you should do amazing. Good Luck💙
  10. That's going to be super individualized and no one can predict what it will be like until after.(But I personally don't dump often because I'm careful- sidenote I was revised from VSG to RNY for GERD) Ask about the statistics on GERD remission/recurrence after VSG from your Surgeon or research it yourself But really It will all come down to what the surgeon (and you) determine is the best course of action Good Luck 💙
  11. Ask your Surgeon for their honest assessment but IMHO skip the sleeve if GERD is even a remote concern.
  12. GreenTealael

    Weight-loss funnies

  13. GreenTealael

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    I have to know... PP any good?
  14. GreenTealael

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Interesting perspective... You should ask the community 💙
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    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦🔦 💙💙💙💙💙💙Mid Month Check In💙💙💙💙💙💙 How are we doing Team?
  16. GreenTealael

    Pre-Op Roadblock- WWYD?

    I believe my path my was exclusively through a Sleep Center/Specialist (no doubt pulmonary docs on board). Call your Surgeon, PCP and insurance for possible referrals. Good Luck 💙
  17. GreenTealael

    I’m not losing weight anymore!

    I would suggest assuming (despite surgery type) hunger/appetite/natural drive to eat will eventually return no matter what... so you wont be surprised when it does.
  18. GreenTealael

    My mess of a week/ 3 surgeries in one!

    Well dont leave without finding out how to report and resolve it & don't sign anything you don't understand. Your family should assist with finding answers as you are still in an altered state. Safe recovery Good Luck 💙
  19. GreenTealael

    I’m not losing weight anymore!

    💙Congratulations on find your way back💙
  20. GreenTealael

    I’m not losing weight anymore!

    💙Congratulations on making it to goal and beyond💙
  21. GreenTealael

    Now when I see MO people...

    🙌So very true🙌... No one likes a reformed ____________ (fill in with anything) Rushing in to save them when they didn't ask for help. I suspect because It feels controlling and people are hesitant to surrender (perceived or real) freedoms even if its for their own good. I personally can't imagine how I would have responded 5 years ago if (being in good health then but obese) someone randomly suggested I have surgery. *Bihhh mind yo bidness* From my Doctor I would have taken it under advisement but others... IDK seem it would have come off as intrusive
  22. GreenTealael

    My mess of a week/ 3 surgeries in one!

    How are they planning to rectify this situation?
  23. GreenTealael

    Highest weight

    What is the highest weight you would be happy at if you could easily maintain it given that you were successful initially but rebounded and regained it becomes a constant struggle to lose again? I have been thinking about this a lot and this is not to prompt a debate on success or failure but really acceptance of a possible outcome. I have not honestly given much thought to lowest weight yet so I need to do some soul searching on that end ... I think my current weight would make me very happy if I could sustain it for life. Anyone else?
  24. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    So just egg whites in the poacher, then sliced?
  25. GreenTealael

    I’m not losing weight anymore!

    Hi! Don't panic 💙 A lot of factors can contribute to this. Can you try giving more info (like starting weight/ BMI /current weight/ goal weight /age /gender / foods often eaten / drinks / etc.) so wonderful tips can come your way Also really important to be patient with yourself because sometimes it takes a while for the final few lbs to go Good Luck 💙