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  1. Just stumbled across this and had to think of BP immediately. I know this is something people simply don't want to think, let alone talk about but it's one of the reasons I'm limiting time on here.



    1. XtinaDoesIt


      Thanks for sharing. I was just talking to a friend about this.

    2. GreenTealael


      Very interesting!

  2. Got just diagnosed with iron deficiency. So it's high dose supplements for a few weeks and another blood work. Plus testing for occult bleeding to make sure it's really a nutritional issue (most likely the cause - after all bariatric surgery is now regularly listed as a possible cause and given the fact that iron absorption occurs in the duodenum and upper jejunum...).

    1. NuOutlook


      Don't worry after my gastric bypass I too was diagnosed with iron deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency as well. My doctor monitors my blood levels and added iron supplements and vitamin D supplement to my vitamin regime. Good Luck :)

  3. On vacation for three whole weeks now. Finally. First "real" vacation without studying for an exam or moving towns like since forever.

  4. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    That's how the date candies I recently posted a picture of look from the inside: Took one out of the freezer tonight.
  5. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    I think the muffins would taste good with apple-cinnamon mix as well. Like using applesauce and a few pieces of apples. I mostly purred the banana except for a few chunks anyway.
  6. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Apple crumble cake in the oven. Used a mix of vanilla and salted caramel protein this time, also spelt flour instead of oat flour because I had an open package of spelt flour and an apple cake spice mix instead of cinnamon only. The unbaked dough was awesome. I'm curious how it will turn out this time.
  7. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Protein banana muffins. Cute liners, huh? 🐝
  8. I didn't lose any weight before surgery. Started out at BMI 46, now it's 23 since a whole while (no plastics so far). Would BMI be lower if I had lost weight before surgery? Who knows. Can't go back in time to give it a try, right?
  9. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    No, it comes in a glass just like e. g. peanut or almond butter.
  10. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    The one that's made out of coconut meat only. I didn't know there are several kinds?
  11. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Medjool dates filled with coconut butter and coated with dark chocolate.
  12. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    "Chicken" that had to go (yes, there was a sale...), pak choy, zucchini, brown mushrooms, peanut sauce and udon noodles. Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
  13. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    That's why I usually use frozen, except young spinach for salads.
  14. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Not that different from yesterday. Different greens and spice mix for seasoning. It's always amazing how greens and mushrooms lose a ton of volume in the pan.
  15. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Rucola, mock chicken, green beans, red onions, brown mushrooms, soy skyr sauce.
  16. summerset

    Can We Talk About...Birth Control?

    Mirena IUD. No weight gain. No painful periods (if any at all). Needs to be changed in a few months.
  17. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    I had some vegan minced meat that had to go. Mushrooms, pak choy, red pepper, cashew sauce over potatoes. Still in the pan: Assembled:
  18. summerset

    Failing miserably

    People will whine about though how 98% of the recipes are not "bariatric friendly", lol. 😂
  19. summerset

    A pound of cure.

    If you're lucky you can still read it on kindle unlimited without additional cost.
  20. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Looks good. What's that filling?
  21. Just thinking it could be two ways around. Leaving the boards -> getting lost and gaining Started gaining -> leaving the boards because it's too depressing reading about the success of other users
  22. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    We ordered sushi at work today for lunch.
  23. summerset

    A pound of cure.

    I think it's a good approach. Lots of plant food and therefore lots of phytonutrients but I'm definitely biased towards vegan and/or plant based.
  24. Did they stop coming here because of the weight gain or was it completely unrelated?
  25. I think this is still some kind of slippery slope. When we're talking about "eating habits" or "lifestyle habits" that were bad enough (bad in the sense of severe) to cause a weight so high the patient needed WLS we're IMO are no longer talking about "habits" but about addiction, eating disorders or at least severely disordered eating. Referring to all of these issues as "habits" doesn't IMO cater to the severity of the disease of morbid obesity. This is just my opinion of course but I think we don't do ourselves a favor by diminishing or belittling our issues by referring to them as "habits". Let's call these issues and behaviors that come with them by their names: Eating disorders. Disordered eating. Addictive behavior. And once we start talking about eating disorders and addictions we can take a look at other eating disorders and addictions and long term treatment success. WLS patients seem to do fairly well in comparison.

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