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  1. summerset

    Carbs after gastric bypass

    What's the rationale behind that? Possible dumping?
  2. summerset

    Carbs after gastric bypass

    It varies big time. I never counted carbs or calories. I only made sure to reach the protein goal. Worked fine for me and still does.
  3. Because nobody with brains worth more than 5 cent in their skull won't believe this schlock. People might not tell you to your face "You had surgery, right?" because in the end most people are polite enough to not out you but with WLS being a known procedure these days and not as uncommon as it once was - people draw their own conclusions once they see a very heavy person losing weight fast, especially when it started after a short period of absence.
  4. summerset

    Struggling badly..

    Cook up some vegetables and puree the hell out of them. I don't know what seasonings are allowed in your case but some salt or one of these little broth cubes should be ok I guess.
  5. summerset

    Struggling badly..

    What exactly do they mean with "liquid". Our 4 weeks were called "liquid" as well but was more like "thinner puree".
  6. You said it yourself: the other one is whisked together. This changes the consistency in a significant way. That's the simple reason why scrambled eggs go down easier than hard boiled ones.
  7. summerset

    Finding the new me

    By having come to the conclusion that there is no "former fat person" and no "new me". There is just "me". And it was always only "me". We all evolve as people with the experiences in life we make. Education, relationships, work, coping with a chronic illness (obesity) etc. - "weight" is one of these factors. I know many shy people who feel awkward in social situations who were never fat, so maybe the shy fat person will simply be the shy thin person because it's simply their personality. By far not all fat people are shy and they're by far not always "the jolly ones". I know many fat people who're seen as confident people being good at their jobs. Most likely they will still be confident people should they ever lose weight. On a side note, I personally hold the opinion that a "former fat me" vs. "new me" mentality can have quite a toxic effect. When you belittle "former fat you", you're always belittling you. Then fake it until you make it.
  8. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    When you already have the pasta cooked it's a ten minute meal.
  9. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Had that spinach, mock chicken, cheezy sauce thing über bean pasta again and I was right: it lacked more spinach last time.
  10. summerset


    Back at work. Same outfit every day, lol.
  11. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    OMG, I just found this cashew camembert I tried during our vacation at the local tegut. 😁
  12. I hate the feeling of coming back from vacation and having the impression of never having been on holiday after all after just three days of work or so. 

    Interestingly enough I started losing a bit weight again? Or maybe it'll takes more time than I thought to gain the weight back after this gastrointestinal infection attack two to three weeks ago.

  13. summerset

    Can anyone eat carbs?

    Nonsense. Eating too much calories slows down your weight loss.
  14. summerset

    Crappy Dietician

    With time there are quite a few patients that tend to go out of their own way to rationalize their diets and/or food choices, like a guy I know rationalized chocolate milk "because of needing protein". It's normal, as much of a problem it might be. You can see some hints of this on every WLS board and/or weight loss board: people are looking for substitutes for their beloved foods. Artificial sweetener, low carb breads, no-fat puddings, keto brownies, protein ice cream, so-called no-sugar chocolate etc. - the ingredient lists often read like chemistry class, yet people rationalize that these foods are "healthy" because they are low calorie, low carb, high protein or low fat. The notion alone of wanting to eat so-called "bad foods" is often frowned upon on weight loss boards, BP is no exception here. However, people do want to continue eating these "bad foods", hence the threads on what low-carb, high-protein, low-calorie foods people found in the supermarkets that mimic muffins, brownies, bread, pasta, chocolate. Basically there's nothing wrong with that. But what rubs me the wrong way is that too many people actually think they're eating the "healthier alternative" (most of the times they're not) while wanting and eating "the real stuff" is often frowned upon. It reminds me of the veg-crowd who is on the lookout (Hi there, fellows!) for vegan cheeses, mock meats, yoghurts etc. - different reasons for eating the fake stuff but same reasons why so many veg-heads are after these foods: we want to continue to eat this tasty stuff!
  15. summerset

    Crappy Dietician

    That's your opinion and the opinion of your dietician. I'd say a strict low carb diet for weight loss is BS and so would my dietician. My BMI is 22.9 and I reached it without eating low carb and there are many more patients who did so. I'm with sillykitty: it's the calorie deficit, nothing else. If that isn't pushing low carb eating, then what is?
  16. summerset

    Food Shaming!

    I'd say your host is a "food pusher". "Food pushers" can be annoying and while they definitely can come from a place of jealously, my experience is that they usually don't seem to mean ill.
  17. summerset

    Food Shaming!

    I think there is a lot of food policing and food shaming on this board but also people IRL sometimes food shame and food police people so I thought your rant would be about this. Imagine you're invited to dinner and have a bit of dessert. Aunt Fanny says: "Oh, do you really think you should eat this?" - like WTH?? just STFU, b*tch! It's not your damn business! A user asks about eating bread or pasta: "WHAAAAAAT????! How can you even think about eating this!!!!!" --- That's what I'd describe as "food shaming". What you described was IMO more the reaction of a host thinking that you didn't like the food and maybe he felt like he failed to cater to everyone on his party, especially since you mentioned he's a very generous man when it comes to food.
  18. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Soy skyr with maraschino cherries and chocolate sauce.
  19. summerset

    Food Shaming!

    When I read the title "food shaming" I had something completely different on my mind.
  20. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Totally stole this idea, lol.
  21. summerset

    Food Before and After Photos

    Lick-the-pan-clean dinner: mock chicken, red onion, frozen spinach in a sauce of soy cuisine, cesar salad spice mix and nutritional yeast over the rest of the red lentil penne.
  22. summerset

    Raw honey

    It tastes good. lol
  23. summerset

    Is duodenal switch too drastic?

    Most surgeons have a more realistic view on expected weight loss than their patients. That doesn't mean though that you can't get rid of 100% excess weight and maintain it. What makes or breaks this "100% success" I have no idea. From what I saw on the boards over the years it definitely is possible but I've also seen people who've never reached a normal weight or who've reached a normal weight and gained back some weight. In the end only time will tell and with time I mean "several years".
  24. All the patients who're intolerant to whey... how do they make it through the first weeks after surgery? Luckily some of us have survived and we're here to tell our stories of having ingested non-whey protein drinks so they can be handed down from generation to generation.