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    Metabolism post WLS

    I'd say no, but my boyfriend would probably say yes 😂
  2. sillykitty

    Metabolism post WLS

    Only anecdotal evidence ... but in my WL phase my diet had a huge amount of variety. I was usually quite low cal at home. But I traveled for work and ate relatively normally, but in very small portions. My cals could be anywhere between 300 to 1200 cals depending on the day. Once as I neared maintenance my capacity expanded, I ate more freely, and my calories crept up. Now I maintain at around 2000 cals/day. I think it is possible, that my frequent caloric fluctuation during my WL phase may have protected my metabolism. Of course no way to prove or disprove this theory, and I am even skeptical myself. But the Biggest Loser study is one thing that really scared me, so that's one reason why I wasn't crazy super strict everyday. (Not that I had the ability nor willpower to be) https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/6-years-after-the-biggest-loser-metabolism-is-slower-and-weight-is-back-up/#:~:text=(Reuters Health) - Six years,their stint on the show.
  3. sillykitty


    Outfit Of The Day Feed your inner narcissist! Post a pic of when your outfit makes you feel cute, sexy, sassy, sporty and so on!
  4. I think you're looking at it from the right perspective. You realize that everything is a trade off and have realistic expectations.
  5. sillykitty

    Skin Irritation Around Waist Line

    Some insurance policies will pay for skin removal, if the issues have been documented over time. I'd recomend you start documenting thm with your PCP. The either get a referal, or find a plastic surgeon on your own. Options are usually insurance pays in full for skin removal (assuming standard co pay and out of pocket rules apply), or you can pay additional cost directly to the surgeon for non covered parts of the skin removal procedure.
  6. I am a sleeve and 2.5 year post op. I have pretty significant restriction still and can eat about a cup or so per meal. (Lots of pics of the volume I can eat on the Food Before and After thread). I still log everything I eat, and maintain at around 2000 cals. I get 2K cals in by eating calorie dense food, and eating frequently.
  7. sillykitty

    Drinking before/after eating

    Sleeve here ... I can drink right up until eating. But 2.5 years out I cannot drink any significant amount on a full stomach. For as long as there is food in my stomach drinking any volume causes me to be very uncomfortable, and depending if I push it, it can make me nauseous.
  8. Who is trying to control who can reply to posts? I see nothing like that on this thread? If there are too few posters on the Food Before and After thread, feel free to contribute.
  9. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    I’d describe it as texture and saltiness of feta, but tastes like a mild Parmesan
  10. sillykitty

    Getting cold feet- VSG Pre-Op

    I think that’s the key. Balancing the relatively small risk of surgery vs the high likelihood that obesity will shorten your lifespan. So the choice of having WLS actually gives you a better chance to be there for your kids.
  11. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    The Amish have Fire Sticks?? 😂
  12. sillykitty

    Body Fat

    I have a second scan yet to do. I did my first pre plastics. I was planning on doing the second after my swelling resolved. But that may never happen 😭
  13. sillykitty

    Body Fat

    The body fat % on home scales aren’t 100% accurate. They are much better to use as to judge which direction your body fat is going vs. what the exact % is. If you believe your body type is unique enough to make BMI less valid, then I’d suggest a Dexa scan. They sometimes have good deals on Groupon.
  14. I take probiotics regularly (pill form). Prepandemic I traveled internationally regularly. So having a strong and diverse gut biome helped fend against intestinal upset.
  15. As an alternative to Triscuits, I loved these 34 Degree crackers. Low cal, low carb & actually taste good. They were a staple during my WL stage with Laughing Cow cheese.
  16. Early post op, when getting adequate nutrition is a challenge, it's common sense that intermittent fasting is ill advised. But once one is at or near maintenance, many RNY patients on this board have found IF as useful tool to get them to goal or to help maintain.
  17. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    New item launch 😮
  18. Lots of people will give anecdotal evidence, add calories, reduce calories, drink more water etc., but IME the only thinkg that breaks a stall is time. I have seen people on this board been driven crazy by stalls. My advice is just to accept them. And trust that if you follow your program and have a significant calorie deficit, in the mid to long term the weight will come off. There is always a lag and stops and start with weight loss. So that's why it is important to take a longer term view point. There will be times that you will be perfectly on program and stall, or you will get a little off track and lose. The cause and effect of weight loss isn't immediate.
  19. sillykitty

    No energy

    Didn't mean anything by my response. Just for me the slightly less convenient option is exponentially less expensive.
  20. sillykitty

    No energy

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm not going to pay $155, when I can get a sublingual a $0.02/pill
  21. Stalls are just part of the weight loss process. There is nothing anyone does that causes them, and therefore there is nothing that can be done to prevent them.
  22. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    Anyone else looking forward to this day?? If I'm not alone, and someone else is excited about this, then .... The sauce though 😍🔥
  23. I'm on team, "the works". I had a lower body lift and breast augmentation done at the same time. My main concern would be getting optimized results with so many procedures at one time. I know some surgeons won't perform certain combos because the skin tension is in different directions. So they either can't get the desired tautness, and/or have risk for wound openings.
  24. sillykitty

    Reverse Abdominoplasty

    @darcyjae a Fluer De Lis tummy tuck is the normal surgical technique used when patients have excess skin on both their upper and lower abdomen.