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    You can do this!!! Whenever people talk about "food funerals" I just reminded myself that the last 5 years of my life was a food funeral. I ate so much crap that I was finally sick of it. Good luck!!!
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    I wore a lot of leggings, jeggings, open cardigans and tunic type tops since there is a lot of stretch so they look good for a bit longer while you are in the losing mode.
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    Agreed. I only weighed at the surgeon's office that first year so I never saw ups, downs, plateaus. That was what worked for me. But if you feel you need to weigh more often, then go for it.☺️
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    September 2020 Surgery

    Have my VSG scheduled for September 23rd! I'm so so nervous but beyond excited - I'm considering it a huge chapter closing on my (albeit traumatic) teenage years and opening up a whole new world in the future~!
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    I guess it depends on how one defines “honeymoon”. This will be different for everyone. For me, I think of the honeymoon period as a the time when eating very, very little calories took very minimal effort (again how one defines “effort” will vary from person to person). Based on my own personal definition, my honeymoon probably lasted about 15 months. These days (1 yr, 10mnths), I have to be much more mindful of what I’m eating & burning off, cuz if I dont pay attention I’ll likely gain weight.
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    What was your early weight loss like?

    @WhatATool:-) I lost 19 lbs. the first month. I only weighed at the Doctor's office so I have no idea what I was earlier than that. While some might be disappointed by that number, I was thrilled. It was the most I'd ever lost in a month & I hadn't gained as I normally would have if I'd kept on as I was pre surgery. Now 15 years later, I am right where I want to be. I hope you will be, too.
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    Mr Alley Gator

    What should I expect?

    Just bring what ever you want to wear loose sweats - I personally as a guy jumped into a pair of cut of sweat pants and a loose shirt. Its game time after surgery and walking the halls is the key. so you most likely do not want your ass hanging out so comfy loose clothes. As for the waist thing i say no f'in way - I do not think you want compression or anything pushing on your belly
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    What should I expect?

    I couldn’t tolerate anything around my waist. Not painful just uncomfortable. I used to roll down the waistbands of my pants to under the incision wounds. So maybe a loose dress for when you go home. I know a few people on this forum have used tummy binders but I didn’t & neither did my friends who had sleeve surgery. I don’t know if you’d really need one for a laparoscopic surgery but ask your surgeon what they recommend. Funnily, I used to find it soothing to gently hold my hand over my belly. My friend said she did too. Don’t know why.
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    You are entitled to medical privacy the same as any other personal privacy. You are not lying when you say eating healthier and exercising regularly.