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  1. I am 8 months out from surgery and I am binging on sugar and carbs. I lost 56 pounds but I can’t seem to go any further. I am finding it easier to eat the old foods and I’m terrified of this loss of control. I try every day to work on this problem. I journal, I read, I listen to podcasts. I start out saying no sugar today and before I know it, I am eating the wrong things. I want to go on a sugar detox but I’m so out of control I can’t even start. I literally hate my body and mind for being like this. I’m willing to try anything to overcome this. If anyone had this happen and found something helpful, please send your advice my way. I really feel like I’m about to lose it.
  2. I just downloaded this book. I’m going to work on it tonight. Still very anxious and fighting the urge to take an edible. I know why I’m doing it. It takes away all my thought and I escape from my anxiety for a few hours. I’m going to search for a therapist that will take my coverage tomorrow.
  3. I’m back. I was right in the middle of a meltdown when I posted earlier. I think I do need therapy because I have a history of bulimia and binge eating. It’s the way I cope with anxiety which I am having a lot of lately. I feel like a junkie looking for a fix and I am overwhelmed with the strength of the urges for sweets. I try to keep the house free of junk but sometimes I purposely buy it. I feel ashamed even though I know that I have a problem. I have also started abusing marijuana which I never had a problem with before. I can’t drink because that physically hurts my stomach but I have been using edibles to get high more than a few times a week. I think because I had my surgery during the pandemic I was able to slip through the screening process. They didn’t ask certain things and I didn’t volunteer them. I’m not sure what I should do. Do I see a therapist that specializes in addiction or just a regular one? I haven’t told my surgeon any of this but I think I will start by talking to his nurse. She is really compassionate. Maybe they can direct me to the right type of counseling. I feel that if I don’t I’m going to end up most likely with exercise addiction again too. I see the patterns starting in my mind of making these really unrealistic exercise goals and I’ve hurt my body in the past from exercising past the normal amount. I can’t go through that again.
  4. Hello. I haven’t posted in awhile since I expressed some issues I was having with my personal life. I’m starting to move from what felt like a 4-5 month plateau. I think a few things happened to make me hit a plateau. The biggest one was Christmas and eating desserts. I discovered that while I had poor tolerance for food my stomach pouch was able to tolerate chocolate and ice cream treats. I have not gained weight but I did not lose either. I’m starting to lose again because I gradually have been increasing my exercise, increasing water intake and working on my sugar addiction every day. I’m listening to podcasts on sugar addiction as well as reading books on the subject. I’m still susceptible to eating sweets but I am staying aware of what I am doing instead of just blinding myself to the pull of sugar. This is not as easy as I thought it would be although I am glad I lost around 57 pounds since August. I’m going to try every single day to take care of myself. It’s not what I am used to doing but I can see that paying attention to myself will make me get better. I did this for me. I did this so I could have a better life and not be stuck in a bed or on a recliner waiting for the next meal. I have to reclaim my time like they do on the floor of Congress. 😆
  5. perfektlynrml

    The longest plateau ever

    I think you’re right. It is harder the closer you get to the goal. I readjusted my goal for now to make it easier to achieve. I originally wanted to get down to about 127 lbs but I revised my goal weight twice. First I made it 150 but now I adjusted it to 175. As I reach the smaller goals I will strive for the next point of achievement.
  6. Hi there. I am reaching the six month mark post op RYGB. I really struggled with a long period of a stall since early December. I did lose my way with eating over that period of time but I have been doing better over the last two weeks. I decided to stop eating sugar free pudding, coconut ice milk, Mac and cheese cups and crackers with hummus. I’ve been eating whole grains such as farro and sorghum made in a porridge with almond milk, blueberries, vanilla and cinnamon. I used a Splenda/ brown sugar combination to sweeten the porridge with 1 tablespoon of maple syrup. The sorghum porridge is very filling and very high in fiber. I’ve been eating lots of poached fish. So far I am making tilapia or mahi mahi. Still not able to tolerate chicken and I am considering giving up meats all together. I order an instant pot and I am going to start making plant based meals. I haven’t weighed myself but I see a change in my overall shape. I’m confident that my weight will continue to drop as long as I am eating the right foods.
  7. perfektlynrml

    Fell off track 8 months post opp.

    I’m about 6 months out and having the same issues. My doctor approved of me having two protein drinks a day. I’m having one meal at night which typically includes fish. I stopped buying any crackers and sugar free pudding which I was eating with a crumbled graham cracker and whipped cream every night. I’m starting a new snack tonight with a high fiber, high protein grain called farro. It’s a porridge made with almond milk. I think it’s hard to not return to our favorite foods but we have to put a little creativity and have a spirit of curiosity so we can find things that don’t have the empty calories. We have to make what we eat in terms of nutritional value matter because we are losing nutrients due to the procedure itself.
  8. I have really lost control over the past month. I’ve been snacking on junk and I find myself eating at night, Something so awful happened last month that made me very depressed and anxious. I had decided to do the surgery last summer because I was about to become a grandmother for the first time. Well my grand baby was born but he didn’t make it. Now my daughter is devastated and I feel so empty. I got to hold him before he passed away but I wanted to scream when he died but I just held it all in. I had to stay calm for my daughter. I’m scared of hurting myself with food but I have such a strong impulse to pick every few hours. I don’t know what to do. I’m sorry if this post is upsetting but I had to let this out.
  9. perfektlynrml

    Losing control (sadness over major loss)

    I wanted to say thank you again for the supportive comments. I did better yesterday and my appointment to follow up with the doctor is this morning. I’m definitely going to ask for help. In the meantime I went back a step to using the premier protein shakes and then a salad a day with a small protein based meal at night. Until I get my head straight I want to reduce the amount of food choices I need to make. I realize that over the past month I have been failing to get adequate protein and eating a greater proportion of starches. My weight is exactly the same but I have been very lethargic during the day. I also journaled day and night yesterday. I was a bit amused by the fact that I had so much to say in my journal. I hardly realized how angry and upset I was. It wasn’t until I started that all the words came pouring out. I will say one thing... I probably would have binged on food if not for the fact that my stomach is still relatively small. In a way having the procedure is forcing me to deal with my emotions rather then eating them into oblivion.
  10. perfektlynrml

    Losing control (sadness over major loss)

    Thank you for your kind comments. It’s been a heck of a month. I’m Glad I verbalized what I was thinking because it seemed to open up a gate. After I posted, I downloaded a journal app and I made four huge entries. I’m seeing my surgeon tomorrow for follow up and I will address what happened with him and see if he has a therapist that specializes in both grief and Bariatric surgery follow up. I have been blocking my grief this past month because my daughter had become dangerously depressed and even expressed a desire to die. I was keeping myself from feeling everything fully in order to care for her. I will take care of myself from now on. I will also stay engaged here on the forum so I can stay focused on my own journey after surgery. I think it will help me a bunch. So appreciative for this place. Thank you all so much for the kindness.
  11. perfektlynrml

    Feel Amazing almost 6 months out!

    Great job!
  12. Hello. I am due to have surgery on 8/7/20 and I am about to look into some products for the clear Protein stage right after surgery when you’re home but not ready for full liquids. I tried Isopure clear and found it revolting. I was able to get it down by holding my nose but I would love to hear some of your suggestions for this stage. Thanks!
  13. I’m about three and a half months past my gastric bypass. The weight is coming off steadily but I have episodes of anxiety which cause me to want to eat even though I’m not physically hungry. Lately I have found myself getting up in the middle of the night to eat something. Today I tried listening to relaxation sounds and I fell asleep for one hour but I woke up and I ate chicken salad on crackers. I know I am not hungry because I feel none of the sensations. I feel like my comfort eating mindset is coming back even though I have no capacity to eat excess food. I’m not sure how to handle these feelings. I’m definitely eating enough protein and I have salad every day. Anyone else going through this? Any advice? Thanks for reading.
  14. I’m thinking that my lack of water has something to do with it. I drink less than 16 oz a day. I used to love to chug water but now I can only get a few ounces in and I feel uncomfortable. It doesn't make sense to me how I can eat junk so easily. Also if I eat protein, I feel full after a few bites. Tonight I made a snack of chicken in the can with light mayo and I ate less then half. No crackers or bread. I’m going to be spending time with my daughter for the next two weeks and I am planning to reset myself back to my previous way of eating. She is very supportive of my weight loss progress. Not feeling as much support from my hubby. (He buys Mallomars) come to think of it, I went spinning out of control after I returned from an 18 day visit with my daughter. She also had snacks but I didn’t touch them in her house, It is like I jumped back into my old patterns just from being in my old environment. I’m going to ask my husband to cut it out with the snacks or don’t let me even see them. I hope he listens to me.
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    Surgery done today

    Hey there everyone. I had my gastric bypass today and it went well. No pain at the moment just some tenderness in the abdomen. My procedure was four hours. Going to ask tomorrow for the details. Nothing by mouth until tomorrow. I'm ready for the next part of my journey! Sent from my SM-A102U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Surgery done today

    Hello. I’m the OP and I am giving an update. I’ve been traveling back and forth to visit my daughter due to her having pregnancy issues. I have been managing well despite being away from home. I purchased a shoulder bag cooler which I take when I travel or to work. I keep Bariatric friendly snacks in it such as applesauce, Premier Protein drinks and chicken salad snack kits. I also carry water or no sugar added coconut water. I switched to Bariatric Fusion vitamins for convenience. Less bottles to carry. I feel good with the exception of an attack of sciatica. I’ve had a few episodes of regurgitated food when trying new items. I continue to use hot tea to help relax the pouch when I feel overly distended. My weight continues to drop slowly. It’s not a predictable rate but rather drops in spurts. I’m not logging my food but rather eating instinctually. I make a mental note to keep an eye on my protein intake and I do have at least one shake a day. I’ve started have green juices every other day to boost my health. My menstrual cycle has resumed due to the weight loss. I thought for sure I was in menopause. Hubby is acting like a hound and chasing me around the house. 😆 I feel much better overall and I love being able to walk without losing my breath. I’m climbing stairs with ease and I felt good enough to buy a full length mirror. I haven’t had one in years. Sometimes I get head hunger, especially when I am stressed. My go to snack is sugar free jello pudding mix and fat free lactaid. I crumble a graham cracker on top and sometimes a bit of whipped cream. It helps me with my sweet tooth. I also find that egg drop soup goes down easy. I have that when I want salty Taste with soy sauce. If anyone has questions, ask away.
  17. perfektlynrml

    Lamictal after gastric bypass

    I had trouble with my capsules at first. Had to put the contents in a liquid. I found that Isopure Apple protien drink disguised most of the bitterness. At 6 weeks post surgery I’m taking the capsules with no issues. I do try to keep them staggered if I can from food or excess fluids. My levels seem to be fine. I was not taking my full doses post up because of difficulty tolerating them swallowing wise but I saw some changes in my mental health as a result. Do your best and you’ll get to where they will be easily ingested.
  18. perfektlynrml

    3/4 week stall?

    Try not to get too uptight about the numbers. I’m on week six and I have had a few stops and starts. Honestly I would take the scale and put away until you weigh yourself. Maybe weigh only every few days. I think the weight hangs on for reasons we don’t know about metabolism and fluid exchange in the cells. Our bodies probably don’t know what to make of the change in calories. Just when I think I’m really stuck two and half pounds drops off. That has happened to me three times in three weeks. In the meanwhile make sure to pamper yourself. Try doing a nice facial.
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    I’m on my fifth week.
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    I’ve thrown up a few times but now that I tried sipping tea I don’t get into that panic state where I feel I have to get it out right away.
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    I think the warmth relaxes the stomach and the esophagus. That’s what it feels like to me.
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    I sip Lipton herbal tea.
  23. perfektlynrml

    Surgery done today

    Day 27- unable to get past purée stage. I’m stuck. I cannot eat chicken, shrimp, tofu or eggplant. I tried to eat fish without yogurt and it got stuck. Threw up twice today. I’m okay with drinking protein drinks, pudding, blended soups, mashed potatoes. I’m also drinking herbal tea. I feel a bit depressed that I cannot eat any solid food. I guess I am a slow healer. Also very constipated which is making me miserable. Trying a little Miralax in my tea.
  24. perfektlynrml

    Surgery done today

    I struggle with the visuals of food too. Doing the same as you with television and It seems to help a lot.
  25. perfektlynrml

    Surgery done today

    I think it’s the size of the chicken and amount. It feels like it might get stuck. I don’t think it’s a surgery thing. It might just be a me thing.