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    Baby guilts

    Four days post op and It’s killing me not to be able to pick up my five-month-old son. Now I’m starting to feel guilty and hoping the incision pain will end soon. How long did everyone’s incision pain last? Any words of wisdom?
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    Baby guilts

    Hang in there... it will be sooner than you may think right now... for now maybe laying down or cuddling together will get you through the next few days... you should be able to be well enough in about a week.
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    March 2020 Post-op Thread

    Had a complicated RNY on March 3rd. Doctor repaired multiple hernias, abrasions, and scar tissue as well as had to remove part of my stomach. Pain is pretty isolated to my packed wound (from where he removed my stomach). Looking forward to having a community that has gone through this at the same time.
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    Baby guilts

    I had my surgery Jan 14 and Jan 16 I was able to pick up and carry in a car seat. He was 4 months old at the time. I was sore but it had to be done. As I was the only one home with him I also have a 3 and 5 year old. It won’t hurt you if that’s what your worried about. It is uncomfortable and it wipes me out energy wise.
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    You’re making the right choice, I had R-n-Y July 2017. I’ve gone from 89kgs to 65kgs ( 198 lbs - 140 lbs) been maintaining my weight for over 18 months now and yes it’s possible ! I also ridiculed my fat body, it was a form of protection, we’re just saying it before the other person does !! Surgery was the kick start and then the nutritional advise (tool) has kept me at maintenance. I’ve had blips at Christmas time, been scared each time thinking that my appetite has increased and my stomach has got bigger too. But nope, I go back to small diet and appetite, it’s such a great feeling, being in control 🙌🏽 I loved carbs like potatoes and bread to make me feel sated. I have 1 slice of bread a day now and potatoes maybe once every 2/3 weeks, i love the fact I’m not using carbs for comfort anymore. I do have naughty days when I want a bag of crisps/chips, in which case I’ll buy a bag of roasted nuts, that way at least I’m getting some protein whilst being naughty. ! Protein has been very challenging for me as I’m vegetarian, my diet has never been dairy based but it is now. My tummy is still quite small, I can’t eat huge or even ‘normal’ portions. I’m not on hypertension drugs anymore. I love being able to buckle my sandals and tying shoe laces. 😆 I can’t believe I was carrying a ‘suitcase’ (23kg excess fat/weight) around for 30yrs. When I go on holiday, my suitcase feels very heavy carrying it to car, then to check in, to think I was carrying that around with me daily... crazy and scary for 30 years. Telling people - I didn’t tell my family as I worried that if I didn’t lose weight I’d be ashamed. But, one does lose weight and you will ! Don’t stress about that, this surgery does work and using the tools that you have learnt help you to be sucessful in the future. I was nervous too, but it’s great being on the other side now Good luck !
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    Don’t weigh yourself for at least a week after surgery - it is often higher (5-10 pounds) than your pre-surgery weight because of the reasons listed above. Even if you can drink liquids easily, don’t let that fool you. First, your stomach is extremely scarred and healing, so it probably can’t tell you that you are overdoing it. Second, just because you can drink more, don’t. There’s a reason why we are given strict limits - it’s not only for our healing stomachs, but to get used to constantly measure/weigh our food so that we stay on track. My sleeve failed for that reason (I had my revision on 3/3) so I’m being extra careful now.
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    What Would You Do?

    I was never told no caffeine. It’s very frustrating the difference the surgeons have. In regards to your complications , it happens. I had endless complications for 8 months after surgery. Multiple surgeries, infections, peg tube, PE, bowel rupture. Out of 8 months I was in the hospital 6 months of that. I joked with my surgeon once that anything that could go wrong did go wrong. But now I’m a teaching case. I’m 8 years out, and I hadn’t seen him in 6 years till this past August. I had some issues other specialists couldn’t understand all I had been through so I sought him out. He is now running a bariatric program 5 hours from where he performed my surgery. All his staff knew of me. He knew exactly what I needed and no more problems following his suggestions. These complications can hopefully help others that come after us by teaching these surgeons better ways of doing things. I hope that is the extent of your complications and you can move forward and kick butt in this process. I used to think it wasn’t worth it from what I went through. But now I’m healthy inside and out.
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    I am addicted to benzodiapines. B-prep as docs call it. I only take 1 pr night, but I freak out if I don't have it or can't find the pills. And I don't do anything else. It took me a long time to go from "I can just not take this pill at night, but I don't want to" to go to "I cannot not take this pill". I've been honest with my GP about this, and he said, well yeah I know, I am a doctor and you are addicted. I know this isn't coke, but it is the same matter. We enjoy beeing high as a kite for those few moments and that is what is addictive. She can't stop. The only reason she didn't do it past surgery is because she was still riding out the anasthesia. Gotta be honest, I had a blast with the hospital drugs. She'll probably wind out beeing in awful pain, OD'ing or beeing rushed to hospital.
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    Surgery date approacheth

    Hello surgery twin! I'm August 27th as well - 7:30am! The liquid diet isn't so bad since I've done so many 3, 5, 10 day smoothie, military, etc., diets in the past. I felt a little weak today but determined to make it through by thinking of the smaller me ; ) Best wishes on surgery day and the changes to come!!!
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    I’m officially on post op day 7. Although very early on in my journey I’m staring to feel discouraged. I often have sharp but fast fading gas pain in my chest. It happens mostly when I drink any fluids. I’m trying my hardest to drink all my fluids but it’s been tough. I feel healthy and have already lost a good amount of weight! I’m just becoming worried it will be like this forever!?!