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LAP-BAND Surgery Forum

Toggle My Lap Band Surgery Journey - Tell Your Story My Lap Band Surgery Journey - Tell Your Story

Tell Your Lap Band Surgery Story

This is the place to share your Lap Band Surgery journey with other members. Please start your own thread to tell us more about yourself. Do you have the Lap-Band? Who was/is your surgeon? How much weight have you lost, what changes have you noticed, and what challenges have you overcome?

  • 24,435 topics / 129,334 replies
band slipped and esophagus... - last post by Mikee57

Toggle Basics for Lap band Surgery Beginners Basics for Lap band Surgery Beginners

PRE-Operation Lap Band Surgery Questions & Answers

This is the place to talk about your pre-surgery preparation. Discuss choosing a Lap-Band surgeon, pre-op diets and nutrition, medical tests, and other basic Lap Band surgery issues.

  • 18,535 topics / 199,035 replies
Headache and Liquid Diet - last post by astalsby

POST-Operation Lap Band Surgery Questions & Answers

This is the place to talk about post-op questions. Discuss recovery, the post-op Lap Band diet progression, nutrition, complications, medical tests, and other Lap-Band issues.

  • 31,750 topics / 275,822 replies
July Challenge-Summer Chall... - last post by JustWatchMe

Toggle Main Lap Band Surgery Forums Main Lap Band Surgery Forums

Lap Band Success Stories

Congratulations! You made a life-changing decision and are now benefiting from your new, positive lifestyle. Please share your Lap Band success story with our community. You deserve to celebrate, and your story may make the difference in someone else's life.

  • 1,672 topics / 20,262 replies
Lap Band Success~ From 300+... - last post by enjoythetime

Lap Band Fills and Adjustments

Discuss anything and everything to do with Lap-Band fills and adjustments. How much do fills cost you, and where do you go to get them done? How often do you get your Lap-Band filled? How do you know when you need an adjustment? Are fills painful, and do you change your diet after them?

  • 7,438 topics / 51,827 replies

  1. Lap-Band Fill Doctors
Pain under rib cage after e... - last post by canthony11242004

Food and Nutrition

This forum is all about food. Talk about nutrition, protein, recipes, and supplements, and any food-related questions, ideas, struggles, and solutions that have come up since your Lap Band surgery.

  • 7,285 topics / 68,272 replies

  1. Cooking, Baking and Recipes,
  1. Low Carb Bandsters Unite
Alcohol - last post by CarmenLeAn

General Lap Band Surgery Discussion

This forum is for any topic related to the Lap Band Surgery that is not covered in other forums. Sample topics include complications, exercise, and replacement addictions.

  • 26,584 topics / 249,759 replies
tightening? - last post by Zingythingy

Lap Band Surgeons and Hospitals

This forum is the place to share your personal experiences and discuss surgery costs, length and quality of hospital stays, surgeon recommendations, and anything else related to Lap Band surgeons and hospitals.

  • 3,128 topics / 51,411 replies
Bariatric surgeons in the B... - last post by gbb77901

Insurance & Financing

This forum is for discussions related to Lap Band surgery insurance coverage and financing options. Gain from learning from others’ experiences!

  • 4,029 topics / 24,861 replies
United Healthcare - last post by Gardnergirl2

Lap Band Veteran's Forum

This forum is dedicated to veteran Bandsters who are one year or more post-op to discuss issues specific to those who are further along in their journey.

Please note: You must be one year out to post or create topics here.

  • 147 topics / 1,521 replies
Are you happier now that yo... - last post by LeeAnnfromNC

Toggle Lap Band Support Groups Lap Band Support Groups

General Lap Band Support

Weight loss is easier when you have support. This forum is for providing and receiving emotional and psychological support before or after Lap Band surgery.

  • 7,545 topics / 95,497 replies
Feel like normal! - last post by B-52

Lap Band Buddies / Mentors

A buddy/mentoring relationship pairs a successful and experienced BariatricPal member with a novice and/or struggling BariatricPal member. Both partners work together through the physical, emotional, and spiritual components involved in weight loss. The goal is for both partners to achieve and maintain healthy weights. This is a win-win relationship, with the more experienced BariatricPal member having his/her weight loss reaffirmed, and the novice or struggling BariatricPal member building the confidence and motivation necessary to achieve his/her goals.

  • 1,521 topics / 25,107 replies
Lap-Band "My Fitness Pa... - last post by Jenn Cooper

Monthly Lap Band Support Groups

This is the place to gather with others who are having Lap Band surgery the same month you are. You can go through the journey together.

  • 6,790 topics / 209,202 replies

  1. 2014 Bandsters,
  1. 2013 Bandsters,
  1. 2012 Bandsters,
  1. 2011 Bandsters ,
  1. 2010 Bandsters,
  1. 2009 Bandsters,
  1. 2008 Bandsters,
  1. 2007 Bandsters,
  1. 2006 Bandsters,
  1. 2005 Bandsters
July 2014 :) - last post by Kfoslo

Local Lap Band Support Groups

Are you looking for a local friend for support before or after your Lap Band surgery? This forum is for members looking for other members in their cities, states or countries.

  • 7,339 topics / 118,800 replies

  1. USA Local Lap-Band Support,
  1. Canada Local Lap-Band Support,
  1. Australia Local Lap-Band Support,
  1. United Kingdom Local Lap-Band Support,
  1. Ireland Local Lap-Band Support,
  1. Germany Local Lap-Band Support,
  1. New Zealand Local Lap-Band Support ,
  1. Elsewhere Local Lap-Band Support
looking for people banded w... - last post by Suz11e

Age-Specific Lap Band Support Groups

These forums allow you to discuss age specific Lap Band surgery issues with others in your age group. Your age can affect how you respond to the surgery, and the journey can be easier when you share with others who are of similar age.

  • 1,276 topics / 24,325 replies

  1. Teens,
  1. Twenties,
  1. Thirties,
  1. Forties,
  1. Fifties,
  1. Sixties,
  1. Seventies+
Instagram? - last post by Jessiedaley

Weight Loss-Specific Lap Band Surgery Support Groups

This is the place to give and get support from others who have the same amount of weight to lose. Encourage each other and count down toward your goals together!

  • 844 topics / 22,145 replies

  1. 200 Lbs+,
  1. 100 Lbs+,
  1. 50 Lbs+,
  1. 25 Lbs+,
  1. Under 25 Lbs,
  1. Life At (or Near) Goal Weight,
  1. Slow Losers Unite,
  1. Steady Losers Unite,
  1. BMI over 50,
  1. Low BMI Bandsters
Banders Exercise - last post by catfish87

Pregnancy with the Lap Band

This is the place for support for pregnant, trying-to-get-pregnant, and new parents after Lap Band surgery. Share your tips and support here regarding breastfeeding, good nutrition, and taking care of yourself and your baby.

  • 686 topics / 6,331 replies
10 wks pregnant and have Q... - last post by Colleen C

Lap Band Complications

Come here to give and receive advice and support for Lap Band complications, such as slippage, erosion, pain, infection, leaks, reflux, port issues, acid and gas.

  • 3,590 topics / 32,948 replies

  1. Struggling Lap-Bandsters,
  1. Life After Lap-Band Removal
lapband intolerance? - last post by mirihawk

Powder Room Gone Wild

This is a place for ladies to discuss everything from Lap Band surgery complications, diet, and concerns, to any other off-topic subjects.

  • 749 topics / 11,402 replies
Tightness during that time... - last post by Steffyp

The Guys' Room

This is a place for men to discuss everything from Lap Band Surgery complications, diet, and concerns, to any other off-topic subjects.

  • 596 topics / 7,050 replies
5 yrs out - finally back on... - last post by Menth13

Special Interest Lap Band Support Groups

Here you'll find Lap Band Surgery support groups centered on common hobbies, religions, medical conditions, and other mutual concerns. Get to know other BariatricPal members who share your interests!

  • 630 topics / 11,186 replies

  1. Diabetic Bandsters,
  1. PCOS Bandsters,
  1. Religious Bandsters,
  1. Single Bandsters,
  1. Biker Bandsters,
  1. GLBT Bandsters,
  1. Mental Health,
  1. 12 Step Support Groups
Houston, TX Area? - last post by Lady VS

Self-Pay & Mexico Lap Band Surgery

A forum for discussing self-pay for Lap Band Surgery, as well as for discussing travel to Mexico to have LapBand Surgery.

  • 107 topics / 1,051 replies
Having Surgery In Mexico Wi... - last post by bluesclues

Lap-Band Social Group Forums

Welcome to the BariatricPal Lap Band Surgery Social Groups! Here, you can start your own online Weight Loss Surgery Support Group or join on one of our member-created groups by visiting our Support Group portal.

  • 645 topics / 5,278 replies

Toggle General Weight Loss Surgery Forum General Weight Loss Surgery Forum

BariatricPal Local Chapters (NEW!)

Use these forums to find out about meetings in your area and contact your Local Chapter leaders. Keep up with your BariatricPal Local Chapter friends in between your regular face-to-face group meetings, and find out what other BariatricPal Local Chapter groups are up to.

  • 98 topics / 1,721 replies

  1. USA BariatricPal Local Chapters,
  1. Canada BariatricPal Local Chapters,
  1. Australian BariatricPal Local Chapters,
  1. International BariatricPal Local Chapters,
  1. Local Chapter Leaders
Canada - Alberta - last post by Miss Bean

Don't Sweat the Stall Stuff (NEW!)

Has your weight loss slowed or come to a complete stop? Are you frustrated because the scale isn't moving? This is the forum to discuss the infamous "STALL" and get the support you need to get through it.

  • 14 topics / 169 replies
Hiding the scale! - last post by Ginger Snaps

General Weight Loss Surgery Discussions

Talk about anything related to weight loss surgery, such as choosing a surgery and surgeon, preparing for surgery, pre-surgery and post-surgery diets, weight loss, exercise and mental challenges. Exchange recipes, find weight loss surgery buddies, get exercise advice, ask about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and share your weight loss surgery story!

  • 420 topics / 5,789 replies
I'm 5'5" , 370#... - last post by Ginger Snaps

Food and Nutrition

This forum is for questions about food and nutrition before and after all types of surgeries. Check out the sub-forums to see if there is a more specific place for your post, to help people find information more easily.

  • 10,025 topics / 83,119 replies

  1. Pre-op Diets and Questions,
  1. Post-op Diets and Questions,
  1. Protein, Vitamins, and Supplements,
  1. Vegetarian or Vegan Eating,
  1. Recipe Sharing
Insurance to pay for protei... - last post by AshleePage

Fitness & Exercise

This forum is devoted to discussions, questions, and answers dealing with fitness and exercise, routines, habits, etc.

  • 4,760 topics / 67,816 replies
Did You Exercise Today? - last post by VSGAnn2014

Plastic Surgery

Congratulations on achieving or approaching your goal weight! Are you thinking about skin removal, cosmetic, or reconstructive surgery? This is the forum dedicated to discussing tummy tucks, brachioplasty (arm lift), mastopexy (breast lift), and inner thigh lifts, and other cosmetic procedures after losing a lot of weight with weight loss surgery.

  • 2,019 topics / 28,240 replies
4 weeks post op - last post by Sweet Pee

Weight Loss Medications (NEW!)

Are you using weight loss medications or are thinking about using them? Have you tried them before? This is the forum where you can talk about side effects, weight loss results, new drugs, and anything else related to using weight loss medications such as orlistat, lorcaserin, phentermine, and others.

  • 4 topics / 53 replies
Limiltless - last post by Stephnance

The Lounge

This forum is for general conversation, sharing interests, having a laugh or discussing anything not specifically related to Weight Loss Surgery surgery.

  • 4,214 topics / 88,761 replies
2 weeks 3 days away from su... - last post by mike4235506

Rants & Raves

Want debate? Get it here. Gripe, complain, moan, fight, rant and rave. Enter at your own risk!

  • 1,970 topics / 80,747 replies
unkind drs - last post by LindafromFlorida

Family and Friends (NEW!)

Supporting a weight loss surgery (WLS) patient through his or her weight loss journey can be rewarding, but it can also be challenging. The journey is long and bumpy. These forums are where you can find other spouses, other family members, and friends to offer encouragement and advice as you support your loved one through his or her journey.

  • 13 topics / 215 replies
5 days before spouse WLS...... - last post by ErinAZ

Clothing and Goods Exchange

Have clothes that are too big? Need smaller clothes? This is the forum to post your clothing needs in. Extra vitamins, protein powders and bars ? Bariatric Books ? Lets help one another out as we progress through our weight loss journeys by saving money and exchanging clothes and bariatric related goods with one another. No commercial postings, please.

  • 570 topics / 2,235 replies
Baltimore/Maryland area - last post by BookWorm

Weight Loss Surgery Magazine

Weight Loss Surgery Magazine is an online publication made up of informative articles written by weight loss professionals who have experience with weight loss surgery.

WLS Magazine covers many aspects of weight loss surgery and is written by health professionals from across the healthcare spectrum, including: Physicians/Surgeons, Dietitians/Nutritionists, Health & Wellness Experts, Psychologists, Life Coaches and Others who are at the forefront in the fight against obesity.

  • 221 topics / 1,542 replies
Weight Loss Surgery and Hea... - last post by Alex Brecher

BariatricPal Newsletter

BariatricPal News, a regular newsletter to keep you up to date on our community. We’ll tell you all about our exciting new features, programs and anything else you need and want to know about BariatricPal.com. Our goal is to make sure you know everything.

  • 102 topics / 197 replies
Happy July 4th from Bariatr... - last post by Makinchanges4me

Assistance & Suggestions

Technical questions? Comments about BariatricPal? We welcome feedback and suggestions on any aspect of BariatricPal.com. This is also the place to visit for updates about new features and updates.

  • 1,216 topics / 8,382 replies

  1. Mobile App Feedback
Research study - last post by shellief

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