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ok so i found i was pregnant today (breathe!) dude my hpt showed up Sooooooooooooooo light, but doc confirmed, so yippie.

i say yippie but i'm really thinking OH MY GAWD! i don't know anything about babies...i know they smell of poo and spit up alot. lol

i was banded in july so i'm 7 months post op.

i have so many questions not just about what going to happen with my band but pregnancy in general...i havent met with my OB yet, just my general doc.

but do you guys have any suggestions for websites, forums, books etc for new moms-to-be

my mind is racing, when do i tell my mom, i'm almost 30 and i feel like i'm 13 and trying to tell her i'm pregnant.

how do you pick a daycare, do i talk/read to my unborn baby

is there things i can do/teach my child early (0-4yrs) that will help them in school?

i haven't even had my baby yet and i'm already thinking about school, and goodness gracious what happens when it turns into a teenager!

do most people get a complete unfilled while their pregnant, well i guess like everything else probably depends on the doctor.

ok i'll stop this rambling, can someone just send me in the right direction

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First off...Congrats. I know everything seems overwhelming right now. But those motherly instincts kick in!

With ds1 we told immediate family right away, but were cautious because of a previous m/c. Once I was out of the first tri, we told everyone. With ds2, we told everyone when I was 8 weeks since it was right at Christmas.

I would say tell people as you feel comfortable. And start looking for daycare now! Around here it is almost impossible to get an infant in.

I liked the book Your Pregnancy Week by Week. I did not care for What to Expect While Your Expecting.

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Hah hah, congrats!

"What To Expect When You're Expecting" and the Pregnancy Bible have been a big help to me, I read (and still reference) both of them cover to cover. One of the nurses told me WTEWYE has a book for the first year also "What To Expect In The First Year", I am ordering that one soon too.

As for the future, well.. all we've done is started a savings account for private school tuition. We figured up how much we need to save between now & kindergarten to have money to pay for the tuition up to 2nd grade.

Couldn't tell you much else lol.

I got a slight unfill only due to tightness, now I wish I'd stuck through it, I've gained too much weight.

Here's some websites I like to look at...



http://www.whattoexpect.com/what-to-expect/landing-page.aspx (I like this one a lot but the pages load SO slow)

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You have tons of time to figure out what to do :0). Take the time to breath and do a little reading/researching.

I got a complete unfill mid way through pregnancy because I got excessively tight. My fill doctor wont fill me again until after delivery. It has been rough because I can eat a big meal and 30 minutes later I am HUNGRYYY. If you are tolerating your current fill OK, I wouldn't suggest having it removed unless you are vomiting or having problems getting in the calories.

Good luck with everything. We hope to hear more from you as your pregnancy progresses.

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1. Books: I like What to Expect When you're expecting and it's website, whattoexpect.com . You can sign up, put in your due date and get weekly or daily emails that chart your body's changes, what's happening with the baby's growth, and pregnancy tips. Go to www.justmommies.com and input the date of your last menstrual cycle or the length of your cycle/ovulation and you'll get an excellent DAY BY DAY calendar of your pregnancy, how far along you are, and your due date. FUN FUN!

2. Unfill- I kept my whole fill, which was not super tight, but it gets tempermental on certain days and you have to just be ok with that, I'm only up 4 lbs and my band hasn't been overly tight. Due in 4 months!

3. Spreading the good news- Tell whoever you are ok with knowing in case "bad news" happens (knock on wood). My close friends and family knew pretty quickly, but I kept it from less-close peeps because I watched 2 friends go thru awful miscarriages and the pain of having to share that.

You'll be fine, no worries! It's fun.

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wow guys thanks so much! i've already picked up two of your recommended books, and i'll be logging on to the suggested websites tonight....

thank you thank you!

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