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Anyone have input on Breast lift with fat transfer vs implant?

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I am new to this forum, but not new to the experiences. I had gatric band in 2006 and have had huge success (140lb loss and size 26 to 8/10). I am now the smallest weight and size I have ever been since the age of 12! I had a upper arm lift and vertical thigh lift in 2015. Thrilled with the arm lift, not as please with my thighs. I was less than thrilled with the aftercare from my previous surgery, so I will not return to him.

I'm 48 yo and I've never had kids and I am ready to have my breasts done (and possibly tummy tuck). I had a consult with a surgeon in my area and didn't really have a connection with her. She determined a breast lift and implant is needed to acheive the look I am wanting, which I pretty much knew. I'm looking for 2 things...

(1) Surgeon reccomendations (I'm willing to travel to Florida or throughout New England)/NorthEast). I've been looking on RealSelf, but I cannot seem to filter by breast lift, weightloss, and fat transfer to find a surgeon.

(2) Input/experience from those who either went with a small implant (275cc) or have fat transfer, or just a lift. Im currently a 36C and would like to stay a C cup following the lift.

Thank you in advance! It's so great to read from so many willing to share their experiences. I am happy to share mine as well.

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hiya! and congrats on the weight loss and 18 year maintenance! thats awesome :)

to your questions:

(1) can't really comment for U.S. surgeon recommendations as i'm up in Canada and had mine done up here. though sometimes when i read U.S. prices posted on here, it seems like prices up here are cheaper than the U.S., and its in Canadian dollars so thats like monopoly money for you guys. 🤷🏻‍♀️

(2) I had a breast lift in 2019 no implant nor fat transfer (a had an arm lift and Tummy Tuck as well...all 3 in one shot) and i actually stayed the same bra size before and after surgery...the bras just fit differently on my lifted boobs.

I technically should be wearing a 28D (my torso circumference is on the small side of normal), but since 28D is like finding a unicorn in the stores, i mostly have 30Cs in my closet.

so while the bra size remained the same, i fill them out better now....i used to just stuff all my boob material in the cup of a full coverage bra. Now, i can wear those demi-cup style bras without looking like im carrying two bowls of jiggly pudding on my chest ahhahahha. And i can wear those triangle bikini tops and NOT look like i'm spilling out the sides NOR do i have the separated-elongated cleavage look anymore, if that description makes sense. AND i can go commando and not wear a bra at all and still remain relatively perky.

good luck! ❤️

p.s. i'm curious as to the reasons why you are not pleased with your thigh lift?

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