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What is everyone's goals after weight loss?

Mine are;

To be able to keep up with my son.

To have more energy.

To be healthier.

My weight actually embarrasses me and I do worry if people are making rude comments about it. So to be able to be confident.

To not have to worry if a piece of clothing is going to be in my size.

To finally work in a salon. (I swell up if I stand too long)

To not swell up if I stand for a long time.

If I go to a theme park, it's my goal to be able to fit in the rides without embarrassment.

To take photos with my son again.

Those are to name a few, what are yours?

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I was so embarrassed to be the biggest person wherever I went. I made excuses and stayed home. Now I go out and feel so normal it's a joy. My confidence is soaring.

I didn't know how the other advantages of this surgery would shape up for me, I was so unhealthy, newly diagnosed Diabetic, high BP, Water retention and walking made me breathless and my heart thud in my chest. Then a whole new world opened up for me. I have been taken off all those meds, I walk everywhere. I go in shops that I have never been in ever; I try on their clothes but don't buy. If I want them, I buy them from auction sites, my revenge because they never stocked my size before. I fit on public transport and aeroplanes, people come and sit next to me.

All this is really new to me so I believe there will be more huge rewards to come.

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Mine were much like yours.

I wanted to fit in a bath tub. With my spouse;

There were a couple other things to do with my spouse, but I won't go into detail. Stop asking ;) ;

I wanted to be able to ride the rides; Rode every coaster in Orlando, had a blast;

I wanted to be able to sit anywhere worry free; This is amazing when I realize what I am doing.

Kayaking, which I've done on vacation several times now;

Horseback riding, which is something my spouse wanted to do together, which we have done several times;

Running, just a 30 minute run. I did 5 marathons and got to run across the Golden Gate bridge;

I wanted rolling over in bed not to be a huge 3 stage production that required planning and cleverly arranged ropes and pullies, or at least it seemed that way. Not even a thought now;

I wanted to be able to go out in public and be anonymous, People used to run into things staring at me. Crowds of people would naturally part to get out of my way. Now I have to wade through crowds like everyone else. No one pays be any special attention anymore.

The clothes thing has been amazing. I bought a lot of stuff just because I could.

I had quite a list of 50 things I wanted to do after surgery. about 15-20 were related to weight and clothing size milestones, the rest were life things like the above. There were a couple things I realized I wasn't actually interested in doing when I got to the appropriate weight. Go figure.

All these years later a lot of things are so normal for so long that I don't think about them. Occasionally, out of the blue, I realize I'm doing something that was once impossible. It's still cool.

Good luck,


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Awwh man, these are so awesome! Seeing these makes me even more excited because I will get there too.

The horseback riding one, I've rode horses many many times, took lessons and my aunt has always had them. I have never been "skinny" and I feel like that is why my aunt barely asked me to go for a ride with her. I dont know what it feels like to ride a horse as a "skinny" person and that is one of my goals and I always have to tell them my weight before signing up for lessons so they can pick a horse for me according to my weight. It's embarrassing having other people knowing your weight. One of my weightloss rewards is to take jumping lesson which is something I've always wanted to do, but not at my weight. (I'm a western style riding girl, so it would also be very different riding english!)

Another thing that ice always thought about is a relationship. I feel like no one wants to be with someone my size (I know there's lots of men that do) the ones who are interested, im usually not interested in them. I want marriage and I want more kids. I feel like if I lost the weight, a whole new dating world would open for me

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Your goals are great! As nice as it is to see the numbers on the scale go down, I think the non-scale victories are the important ones. You might be interested in this very popular post where people discuss some of their non-scale victories:

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