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2 week No Loss 8 weeks out of surgery

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So I lost my first 45 lbs pretty fast. At 6 weeks I started working out. I’m 8 weeks out and I’ve been stuck between 233-239 every time I get on the scale it tells me a different number. I have lost inches though 5.5 inches last week and 5 inches the week before so 10 inches but no weightloss.

Here’s what my weekly workout looks like

m- swim Pilates

t- Water fitness

w- HIIT class am yoga pm

Thursday - swim

Friday- yoga

Saturday- yoga

Sunday- off

and here’s what I eat daily

breakfast- 30 G Protein Shake

Snack- light cheese stick

lunch- 1 oz Protein of choice and Quest protein chips

dinner- 2 oz chicken

snack: protein shake

64-80 oz of water

90 g of protein daily as my medical team has advised.

ok help what am I doing wrong here. I’m not snacking I’m not cheating I’m working out and feeling discouraged. This is why I always quit at diets because I do everything right and I feel like it’s not enough.
many advice will help.

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Looks like you're doing great! It's a stall -- happens to almost everyone, often more than once along the way. It's just your body catching up with the changes. If you stick with your program, you will keep losing weight. There's a lot of superstition around stalls and how to break them (different people will tell you to increase calories or carbs or Protein or exercise, and others will tell you to decrease calories or carbs or protein or exercise, or do a pouch reset diet, etc., etc.) but the truth is that all you can do is stick with your program and wait it out. That's why everybody has a different trick to break the stall -- it would have happened no matter what they did, so if they changed something, they think that was what broke the stall. Just be patient and keep up the good work.

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You're doing great! Just stay the course, stalls are very common.

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I agree with everyone else. It's a stall. Most of us experience several of them along our journey. Just stick to your plan and stay off the scale for a few days if you need to, and know that it WILL break and you'll be on your way again. They typically last 1-3 weeks.

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Posted (edited)

Eat more. Get a new scale.

I know "eat more" sounds like crazy advice when you're stuck in a stall, but our bodies have an amazing set of defenses...thousands of years of evolution to survive bad harvests and hunting seasons. When we drastically cut calories and move a lot more than we used to....our biology interperates this as OMG, we're starving to death and must be moving more because we're desperately searching for hard to find food!...then your endocrine system goes....Must hit this body with every hormone and defense mechanism possible to STOP weight loss! (there are also a whole bunch of little hormonal changes that can bite you in the ass after a long period of severely restricted calories to "make up" for weight lost and encourage gain...which is why most people have some regain issues eventually)

If it were me.....I'd add calories. Something with Fiber. Black Beans, potato, a smoothie with some spinach and low fat greek yogurt. All of these have protien, but they also boost your gut microbiota and stop the Keto that your body might be interpereting as starvation.

Crazy internet lady advice....take what you like and leave the rest. All of our bodies work a little different. Find what's best for you.

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