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    I did it! I weighed in this morning at 196.4…at my heaviest I was 348. I started my liver shrinking diet last May at 309…down 113 pounds, VSG has been the best decision of my life!
  2. GummyBearQueen


    Pound by pound, we’ll all get there!
  3. GummyBearQueen

    Does anyone know why we shouldn't have coffee?

    My doc said one cup wouldn’t hurt if we were getting all other fluids in.
  4. GummyBearQueen


    I never stopped using straws and I’m four months out. No problems. Was even given one immediately post-op.
  5. GummyBearQueen

    Surgery Day Tomorrow!!

    Best of luck, this is a great journey!
  6. GummyBearQueen

    Post VSG Regrets?

    NO REGRETS! It’s an emotional rollercoaster, for sure, but three months out and down 53 pounds, LIFE IS GREAT! You will be afraid, you will mourn food (restricted foods are only temporary), and you will be frustrated. Then that scale starts moving, you start feeling amazing, your health starts to improve, and you realize why you made this decision. It’s not really about other people though. Are your reasons worth the hard work? Only you can answer. Your old self will have to die. That person and those eating habits will not exist anymore. But you know who will exist…the person you’ve been dreaming of. Your goals. The best version of yourself. I am in love with life because of my VSG. Best of luck!
  7. I do quite a lot. Viviscal Pro, oral Minoxidil, collagen powder, flax seed oil, and microneedling with PRP. I also use Ethica shampoo and conditioner.
  8. Hi, all. I’m three months post-sleeve and it has been a smooth journey thus far. No food restrictions (not even bread or chicken breast), easy healing, and steady loss. However, now that I’m incorporating more intense exercise, I notice I can feel my large incision when I’m doing ab exercises. It’s not pain, but I definitely know it’s there. Anyone else experience this?
  9. GummyBearQueen

    Recommendations for unflavored protein powder

    Orgain is the cleanest protein powder I have found.
  10. GummyBearQueen

    Hair Loss Treatments

    Lysine is in Nutrafol hair supplements and Viviscal if I’m not mistaken.
  11. GummyBearQueen

    Hair Loss Treatments

    It’s what I do now. My stylist commented on how thick my hair had become. I’m getting PRP treatments for thinning around the edges. My derm also suggested a lot of greens and exercise. Good luck!
  12. I sent all of my clothing away before surgery! Byeeeeeeeee! I kept some tees and leggings to wear, but I am NEVER going to be that size again.
  13. GummyBearQueen

    Hair Loss Treatments

    Go to a dermatologist and ask for microneedling with PRP, oral minoxidil and spiranalactone, and try Viviscal Pro (the pro is the dosage from a derm or skin clinic). You can also drink collagen protein. It may not stop it, but will likely minimize it.
  14. GummyBearQueen

    Ideas for purée and soft food diet

    I have zero problems with chicken (even white meat) so my advice is to take a small bite or three and see how things work for you.
  15. GummyBearQueen

    Lost Weight eating Carbs!!??

    This happens to me as well, and did before WLS! There is some actual science to it, check it out: https://www.nm.org/healthbeat/healthy-tips/nutrition/the-skinny-on-cheat-days
  16. GummyBearQueen

    7 years ago today...

  17. GummyBearQueen

    I've gained weight on puree

    You’re not gaining. You’re likely in a stall. This will happen. Search this site for stalls or Google them. I have been losing and gaining the same two pounds for a week. The stall will break and you’ll be on your way. Patience is key.
  18. GummyBearQueen

    Three week stall?

    You’re not eating enough to gain. It’s water weight (and you weigh several pounds more in the evening). Keep on your plan, keep up with fluids, and it’ll break. Stay off the scale for a week or so.
  19. GummyBearQueen

    Having Gastric Sleeve 6/24 and need tips!

    Disposable underwear?!?! Yikes 😬
  20. GummyBearQueen

    2 week No Loss 8 weeks out of surgery

    Stalls are so common. Search them on this site and Google. Continue with your healthy diet and exercise and it’ll break.
  21. I’m in the middle of a stall and it’s disheartening. These words really helped!
  22. GummyBearQueen

    Having Gastric Sleeve 6/24 and need tips!

    Orgain makes some of the cleanest protein products on the market. Syntrax Nectar has a ton of flavors and lets you go from fruity protein water to chocolate (if you like citrus, the fuzzy navel is great and available on Amazon). I have tolerated every single item I have eaten (including all pills)…my tastes are the same (although my sugar craving is gone). Good luck, welcome to the club!
  23. GummyBearQueen

    No support

    Choose your health over everything.
  24. GummyBearQueen

    I violate thermodynamics and it's crap

    How are you progressing now?
  25. GummyBearQueen

    Scar cream??

    Vitamin E oil, Bio-Oil, or Mederma

PatchAid Vitamin Patches