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How faded are your surgery scars?

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I had my arms and a fleur de lis TT revision about a year ago. The scars on my stomach are fading to a light pink and some spots are almost skin color. My arm scars are still a very dark pink and are wider than the scar on my stomach. I know with time they will fade more but does anyone else have some areas that faded much faster than others?

The plastic surgeon did a steroid injection a few weeks ago to an area on my belly because it was raised. It's been 6 weeks and it has helped so I am thinking if I should have more areas on my arms injected. I know we are not supposed to have any steroids after WLS but the plastic surgeon said the dose is less than 1% of what an oral steroid would be. Still, my skin gets really thin from steriod injections so I don't want to do an injection if not necessary. Old scars I have are all faded but they are 10-20 years old so I don't know if my arms will eventually fade as well or if I will be stuck with pink scars long term.

Any thoughts or opinions?

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I am probably the worst scar healer on earth, (or at least in the top 10) lol.

I had mine done a year ago also (TT, breast lift, Arm Lift), and the majority of it is still very dark and some raised.

I did have 2 rounds of steroid injections the past couple months as well on various places and I have to say it has made a HUGE noticeable difference. But they are still probably still worse than most other people who are way further out than me. I was prepared for this as I have a long history of hyperthrophic scarring. The eventually fade, but I know it will take years for me.

Tummy tuck: Darkest at the edges, less dark above my pubic area. They were pretty raised at the ends, but since the steroids, they are almost flat. There are a couple small 1/2 long sections along the middle that only have thin white line.

Belly Button: dark, flat thin line...from far away it looks like I have a dirty belly button, hahahaha.

Breast Lift: Again, darkest at the ends close to my sides, as well as the t-junction at the bottom of each breast. The ends were raised, but not anymore since the steroids, but the t-junctions are still raised (I plan on getting another round for these guys in a couple months). The scars around my nipples are both thin skin-coloured lines (just a little lighter, but not white).

Arm Lift. Ugh. These are the worst of them all. They are dark, wide, and before the steroids super raised (think bungee cord). They have lighted up dramatically since the steroids (all of the areas treated have), but still dark compared to "normal" healers. At least they are flat now! For some reason though, the scars in my both my armpits are invisible. These areas were the fastest to heal and disappear (I wonder if it was because of the "moisture" in that area...lol).

But even with all my scars, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. I know they will fade eventually. The tummy and breast scars are hidden even in my tiniest bikini, but yeah, my arm scars are in full view when I lift my arms to go "Whooooo!" hahahaha. When they are down, you can't see a thing...except for one small section on my right arm from the back, even when my arms are down. But no biggie.

P.S. On a related note, I also had 2 sections of my scar "cord" cut as it was affecting the mobility of my right arm. I'm all good now.

P.P.S. Sorry this was so long.

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arms supposedly scar worse than a lot of other areas. I'm not sure why - I think the skin is thinner there, and also, it's next to impossible to not use your arms for weeks on end after a brachioplasty. You sometimes end up tugging on some of the incisions when you inadvertently reach to get something. Anyway, my arms scars have faded a lot (I'm almost two years out from my brachioplasty), but then, I can barely see my breast lift scars and my LBL scars - so my arms are definitely "worse", even though they're not that bad (plus no one can see them anyway unless I have my arms up in the air...)

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