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VSG to Bypass (RNY) due to stricture and hernia

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Had my VSG in 2018, had GERD before surgery and have been on Lansoprazole since surgery. Recently, started having severe nausea with just a teaspoon of food. Went to see my doctor, he sent me to have an endoscopy. Had endoscopy and then balloon dilation with no relief. I lost almost all of my weight from the sleeve, now that I cannot eat I have lost more. I have researched and saw that people who have had my issues and had the revision were able to come off the medication for GERD completely. The worst part and scariest part to me is the difficulty swallowing. This is a latent symptom, but I am glad it has not shown up earlier because I am not sure how I would have that managed. I never wanted a by-pass but here I am. I worry about malabsorption but my doc said that I should not have too much of an issue, since it's not a full bypass. I was told that I will lose more weight but as I did with the sleeve over time can gain some of it back again. I did not have a rough recovery from the VSG and don't anticipate that I will have any with this procedure. Since I have been through it before so to speak.

If you have had this situation and had to have a revision can you share your story with me to help me? What was your recovery like? How do you feel now?

Thank you for your story in advance.

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I'm not a revision patient, but I just wanted to say with the exception of Iron (some people don't absorb oral iron well and have to have iron infusions - although the vast majority of us absorb oral iron just fine), malabsorption is pretty uncommon as long as you keep on top of your supplements.

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