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Soooo...anyone out there have experience with the Celebrate 4-in-1 powder? My surgeon insists pretty heavily on it, especially immediately post-op because 2 servings (shakes) provides all of the Vitamins & minerals that one needs after bariatric surgery, so you don't have to deal with taking a bariatric Vitamin to get all of that good stuff.

In theory, that's great. In practice...the stuff tastes SO bad. There are two flavors: vanilla Cake Batter and chocolate. I tried both flavors in the first 4 weeks post op.

The first day I had to drink them, I immediately ran to Amazon and ordered two bottle of sugar free Flavored syrups (raspberry and cherry) because the taste was so bad.

I had to give up on the Vanilla Cake Batter because it just tasted "wrong" and was sickeningly sweet. The Chocolate is tolerable, but definitely one of the worst chocolate shakes I've had.

So now I am looking for insight or help on how to proceed from here because at my appointment on Monday, my doctor changed my shakes from being made with 1% milk to using almond milk. I have no problems with almond milk and used it to mix my Premier Protein Vanilla powder and it was delicious.

Mixed with the Celebrate and it's like drinking 8 ounces of death. I can't even taste the flavored Syrup in it.

Just to test it out, I picked up some soy milk yesterday to try today and see if it makes the experience more palatable. And it does. It doesn't taste as awful as the almond milk. The only problem is that the shake come out far thicker with the soy milk than I want and it was a bit of a chore to drink it.

In the end, I'd probably opt for the soy milk (which throws my calorie count slightly higher, but still lower than the 1% milk), but was curious if anyone had experience with Celebrate and any tips or tricks they learned and could pass along.

Given how unpalatable it is, I am expecting that when I hit the 3 month mark, I'll be telling my doctor that I'm going to switch to taking a daily bariatric vitamin and then use Premier Protein powders which I actually do like.

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I tried Celebrate sample packs. The chewable vitamins tasted horrible. I did get 2 packets of 4 in 1 but the Vitamins tasted so bad, I threw the packets out. I suspect the 4 in 1 just has their vitamins in powder added to Protein Shake pack. Find a brand of Bariatric chewable Vitamin you like and switch. Bariatric Fusion chewable are the cheapest and complete, including Calcium. Different fruit flavors but avoid the ORANGE as it is really overwhelmingly strong flavor. For Protein Shakes, I have been drinking pre-made FAIRLIFE Nutrition chocolate. I really like it and only 150 cal with 30g Protein, 2 carbs in 11 oz serving.

Stats: 5'1", age 67, female. Highest weight: 245. BMI 41. Surgery Date: May 28, 2020. Weight at surgery: 211. VSG.

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The required brand for the same reason for my program is Bariatric Advantage. Ive been doing the orange powder its like a melted flintstone pop kinda lol

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